Low sperm count condition, medically termed as oligospermia is a main factor contributing for infertility in men. It is a condition characterized by lesser number of sperms in the ejaculate of a person. A person with sperm count less than twenty million per milliliter of semen is said to possess oligospermia. Persisting low sperm count condition reduces the chance of fertilizing egg. Multiple factors are involved in forming this disorder. Damaged sperm duct, varicocele and hormonal imbalance are some among the common factors giving rise to the risk of oligospermia. Treatments are usually suggested according to the cause of problem. Let’s find different treatments used for curing low sperm count condition or oligospermia.

Hormone replacement is an effective treatment option recommended to cure low sperm count condition. This treatment is usually done for a person with weak pituitary glands. As per studies, low level of testosterone hormone is a significant factor effecting fertility of person. Doing hormone replacement therapy eliminates the risks of low testosterone level and improves fertility. Apart from doing hormone replacement therapy, patients suffering from oligospermia are also advised to follow a healthy lifestyle with nutritive diet and regular exercises. This treatment for low sperm count can be done for people of all age groups. Lowering bad cholesterol level, reducing the risks of heart diseases, and improving libido are other advantages of doing hormone replacement therapy.

Surgical treatment is one among the cures prescribed to treat low sperm or oligospermia. It is mainly done to repair varicocele or swollen vein in scrotum region. Persisting varicocele problem reduces the count and shape of sperm in semen. Doing surgical treatment to prevent the risks of variococele is found to be very beneficial among infertility treatments. It reduces swelling and discomfort of symptomatic varicoceles. For reducing the risks of infections, patients suffering from low sperm count can also choose non surgical treatments like percutaneous embolization.

Musli Strong is a best recommended herbal supplement for the treatment of low sperm count or oligospermia. It act as a natural tonic and helps in boosting the energy of person. Regular intake of Musli Strong helps in improving the over all well being of person. You can have this herbal supplement with milk or water. Active ingredients present in Musli Strong act internally and helps in enhancing the vigor and vitality of person. Musli sya, musli safed and musli safed are some among the active ingredients added for the preparation of Musli Strong capsules.

Similar to Musli Strong, NightFire capsule is another effective herbal supplement to treat low sperm problem or oligospermia. Potential herbal ingredients present in NightFire capsule improve sexual strength and energy of person. All the ingredients used for the preparation of this herbal supplement are completely safe and effective. Some among the key components included for the production of NightFire capsule include jaiphal, salabmisri, sarpgandha and saffron. It improves sperm count and helps in attaining firmer and stronger erection. Preventing premature ejaculation, improving endurance and enhancing lovemaking performance are other benefits of including NightFire capsule in diet.

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