Solo travel in India is safe, as far as you know how to watch your step at each place. You need to take care of your itinerary, mode of traveling, and place of accommodation. When you are in Kerala and you are a female, you don’t need to worry as such. Usually in North India, you cannot travel too late unless you are in Delhi. However, Kerala gives you the liberty to travel somewhere around 8-9 pm depending on the place. In case you are getting too late, you should keep someone from your family in loop about your whereabouts. You can also let your hotel manager know about the place where you are after 8 pm; people in Kerala are quite cooperative.  

Traveling in Kerala

If you have a modest budget to travel, you can conveniently take public buses in Kerala for long distances. They are quite safe and comfortable; you can also save money with them. Auto-rickshaws and manual rickshaws are also a good option for point to point travel. Although Uber and Ola are there in the state, you can also go for Self-Drive Car if you want to go for a flexible driving experience. If you want to reach  your hotel from airport or railway station, you must ask your hotel manager about it; they will tell you the exact fare you should pay for the taxi or auto-rickshaw.

Traveling alone for a female

In India, if you are a female traveling alone, you need to watch the locals for the best guide. Keralites usually wind up their businesses after 7 pm, so you will not see many people around in the market. However, if you are at a busy place, you can watch out if people, especially women are hanging out after dark. If you do not see many females around you, it is better to leave for your hotel.

Place of accommodation 

Several websites and mobile applications can help you to find a good hotel or homestay in Kerala. Whether you are a male or a female, it is good to be at a reputed place, which is safe for solo travelers. Moreover, you need to have the tourist places in your vicinity so that you do not have to spend much time going around from one place to the other. Choose a safe hotel to stay, even if you have to pay slightly higher than normal for it.

Talk to the locals

While talking to the natives of Kerala or any place else, you don’t need to tell everyone that you are traveling alone. However, it gives immense benefits to talk to the locals because they can give you the best advice for things. For example, you might need to know the best place to have cheap and tasty food in Kerala, you can ask a cloth merchant about it, but not from a restaurant owner. If you want to know about the best places to shop for souvenirs, you can ask a grocery store manager for it. People in the same trade you are looking for may not give you the best advice, but those in a different occupation will definitely tell you the honest opinion.

Eating options

The intoxicating fragrance of spices is always present around restaurants when you are in Kerala, the land of spices. The heady brews make every cuisine special and you cannot resist trying new things for each meal when you are in Kerala. The taste and variety of foods varies with communities and regions. You must try everything possible on the menu, no matter where you eat.


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