What is common in all of the businesses is its competitive attributes. Further, with the advent of instant connectivity, making the world a smaller place to dwell in and technology taking a notch up, the SaaS companies need to bring on their ‘A’ game. That is when focusing on CX, Customer Experience can be of high pertinence and derive better value. Here, the blog will walk you on the detailed importance of Customer Experience and how it can pull off more outcomes in a given period of time. Let us delve deeper into that.


Importance of Customer Experience in SaaS

1. CX aids in gaining recurring revenue: SaaS companies thrive on the subscription-based economy and the loyalty of a customer. A well-furnished subscription model has the capacity to ensure a good flow of recurring revenue. This will help you to foresee your profits and chart out your budget in a rational manner. As and when you rev up the customer experience quotient, you not only help in acquiring more clients but also see that the existing ones stay retained. The better you position your CX quotient, the easier it becomes for customers to trust you and evolve together.

2. CX differentiates you from your competitors: It is a given that the SaaS niche is highly competitive considering quality, price, and the varied functionalities it has to offer. All that a customer wants from you is your uncompromised attention with a few sprinkles of personalized facets. In fact, 86% of the customers today do not resist paying more if met with a stellar customer experience. Having this is no longer an optional trait for your brand image, you must inculcate a well-defined customer experience strategy to stay ahead from the line of your competition.

3. CX speaks for Customer Service: As long as you place a special focus on the quality of customer service you provide, in addition to your basic product offerings, you are assured to put a great impact on your users. When you do that, you give your customers what they expect from you and there is a certain ease in using your products or services. Further, this builds trust, transparency, and comfort from a customer’s point of view. As and when you imbue a customer-forward mindset, you tend to see things from their perspective and then it turns out to be much easier to underscore both the terms.

How to Augment your Customer Experience?

1. Start with a spot-on Onboarding Program: In simpler words, an onboarding program puts a face on your brand name. If you wish to let your customers acquaint themselves better, you need to set a great onboarding experience that does all the talking. The second your prospects meet an incoherent onboarding process, they will not take a backseat from churning away from the first step. Now, this can be extremely detrimental to your growth and business. The more a customer acclimatizes themselves with your product, the easier it becomes for them to retain longer.


2. Solicit Feedback and Suggestions: According to a PwC report, 80% of the customers leave due to bad employee attitude. No business is perfect and churn of some percent is almost inevitable. But what you can do is improvise. And on that note, the first and foremost step to put that on a minimum rate is by receiving valuable feedback and suggestions from your customers. This will show them that their opinion matters to the company and they will want to do more business with you. You will never know how good, bad, or ugly are you performing until and unless you do not ask your users about their likes and dislikes.

3. Smooth navigation is always a plus: A customer does not have all the time in the world to ascertain and ransack your website in detail. They want to find their favorite items in seconds and wish to see a seamless checkout process. These all can happen only when you have a user-friendly website. A customer must find a seamless navigation flow on your site. It should not be having too many elements to land users to their products. Steer away from unclear content, slow page loading times, ineffective compatibility, inappropriate locations of call-to-actions, and page errors. These are said to be a big no for a customer.

4. Deploy Tech Touch whenever needed: It might just drive you and your team crazy to put up with the whole of your works manually. That is when you can take some steam off your shoulder by adding a dollop of tech-touch to your systems. Or in simpler terms, this is called adding automation. Start by adding interactive live chat options, you may also send a follow-up mail to your customers and get their thoughts. This way, your customer service executives can deploy their time rather efficiently in issues that customers need more guidance on.

5. Your Customer is your Friend: Start seeing your customers as your friends and connect with them on a personal note. It is highly important to build a certain rapport with them. A research paper from the Journal of Consumer Research stated that more than 50% of the customer experience is based on emotion. It is emotions that shape the factors that drive a customer into making a certain decision. Also, it is evident that customers feel more loyal towards a brand that has been emotionally connected with them.

Wrapping Up

Now that the customer has immense power in his hands to decide the stance of your business, customer experience plays a critical role in saying how well your company performs. Having said that, customer experience is not an overnight trick that can happen with the whip of a magical wand. You will have to nurture the process and see that you use great strategies to club along with. This will enable the customers to realize your value, retain higher, and augment your overall revenue growth as well. In the end, it is the happiness and satisfaction of the customer that matters.

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