With the growing technological advances, there have been various FinTech startups looking to use AI-driven algorithmic trading to help predict the stock market more accurately, William O’Neil India also boasts of having a service dedicated to helping users use algorithmic trading to make great investments in their portfolio.

AlgoSmith is an automated Stock portfolios service from William O'Neil India which provides tailored strategies to invest in based on an investor's Risk Appetite and Growth requirements. There are 4 tested strategies backed by over 75 years of Research on Global Markets by William O'Neil and 10 years of fundamental data collected for Indian Markets.

As a methodology driven company, William O’Neil incorporates its CANSLIM technique into algorithms. CANSLIM takes into account a number of factors to make the most out of investments, including current quarterly earnings, annual earnings, new products, and services that are launched by companies listed in the open markets of the world.

Anupam Singhi, CEO of William O’Neil India believes that using technology allows us to have certain advantages over competitors and improve our services. He backs this claim by saying that having over 100 years of proprietary data, the algorithms trained are very accurately analyzed with a fine-tooth by our equity research team and data analysts.’

The 4 strategies offered keep into consideration of the risk appetite of the investor.

They are-

Turtle Value
It is for investors who are looking for low-risk portfolios. It incorporates Price-to-book, Return on Equity, and various other MarketSmith India’s Proprietary Metrics as well as liquidity constraints.

2. Turtle Growth

Turtle Growth is a moderate risk portfolio incorporating both technical and fundamental analysis of growth investment stocks.

3. Dolphin

Dolphin is based on MarketSmith India's flagship screen of leading growth stocks, 'Growth50'. This is a moderate risk portfolio of growth stocks showing strong relative price strength and top-notch fundamentals. This Portfolio includes stocks from MarketSmith India’s ‘Growth50’, a high-quality list using 30+ separate screens designed by O'Neil portfolio managers that incorporate MarketSmith India's exclusive ratings and rankings, plus other key fundamental and technical data points.

4. Frog

ALGO FROG follows CAN SLIM, an investment strategy for growth stocks that was formulated by William O’Neil. This is a high-risk portfolio considering market timing along with advanced portfolio allocation strategies to get the best results.

To learn more about algorithmic trading and use AI-driven technology to help make you better investments, visit www.algosmith.in.

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One stop solution for all your Stock Market needs. Get stock market tips and stock predictions all at one place. A proprietary tool by William O'Neil India following CANSLIM method of investing.