Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a buzz-word across all industries nowadays. AI has changed the face of almost every industry, and recruitment is not an exception. It is considered as the game-changer technology for efficient, hassle-free, and smart hiring. With automation, HR professionals can save a lot of time and focus on other components of HR.

Artificial intelligence for resume screening:

Often, resume screening is measured as time-consuming and exhausting for HR professionals. As they receive numerous resumes every day for a single job position, it will be difficult to screen them manually. Sorting out these resumes and shortlisting relevant applicants according to the job description is a difficult task.

AI tool resume parser is designed to automate the process of resume screening intelligently. It parses resumes and extracts information including work experience, skills, contact details, educational qualification from resumes to store into ATS or CRM.

Artificial intelligence for candidate matching:

Candidate matching technology empowers seamless recruiting and getting you closer to the ideal fit for the given job position. With the most accurate results, it matches resumes with job descriptions and improves the capability to rate, recognize, and rank talent. It provides skill mapping to find the best matches even though skill words, title association, or any other variant is misspelled.

AI for candidates’ social analysis:

With social recruiting tools, it would be easy to extract the latest information from candidates’ social media profiles. It helps to update the passive candidate database.

Artificial intelligence for candidate screening:

The applicant tracking system (ATS) is used to manage the entire hiring process. It includes screening candidates, scheduling interviews, checking references, to the onboarding process. Received resumes are screened and sorted with the help of resumes parser which is used by almost all ATS. The output of resume parsing is used further by ATS to screen candidates.

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