Harvesting herb plants from own garden to prepare dishes is one of the best experiences for a homemaker. The dedication given to fresh herb plants will definitely result in delicious recipes and dishes that you make in your kitchen. If you want to grow an herb garden at home it is not necessary that you grow them in the garden because you can also grow them in the comfort of your apartment. Home grown garden herb plants have so much more flavor and will make food so much more delicious. This fact is as true as home grown herb plants are often looked after much better and with natural treatment than are the commercial products, and this shows in the most delicious flavors. Home fresh herb plants taste much better than those brought from local shops, for a variety of reasons.

An herb is any plant used for cooking, fragrance, or to make drinks or medicine. The term herb is also used to mean herbaceous, which is a botanical term for a leafy plant that doesn't get a woody stem. Most plants we call herb plants are indeed herbaceous. Ethno botanist, scientists who study the relationship between people and plants make a differentiation between herb plants and spices: Herb plants are plants of whom the leaves, stems and flowers are used, whereas spices come from other parts of the plant such as roots, bark or seeds. Some examples are cinnamon, from bark, turmeric, from a root, and pepper, a seed. Common varieties include basil, chives, thyme and mint. An herb garden is of course a garden containing herb plants, but that can mean a few terracotta pots on the back steps or an acre of carefully designed beds with hundreds of types of plants. Either way, an herb garden can be a lovely and useful thing.

Planning an herb garden can be fun and rewarding. Herb plants have been in use for centuries for culinary, medicinal and aromatic reasons. For generations tribal leaders and healers passed down the herbal secrets. Many modern medicines have an herb base. Modern herbalist mix medicinal herb for their clients. Many herbalists also mix aromatic herb plants for beauty purposes. But, of course, the culinary herb is still the most widely used.

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