Did you know that everyone has the ability to be highly intuitive?

People use their intuition all the time and don’t even recognize it. It may be the way your body felt when you met your new boss, or the curiosity about a long lost friend who surprises you with a call within a few days.

Intuition comes in many forms. And there are definitely ways to enhance it. Let’s first take a look at recognizing your present intuition. And then we will explore how to expand it.

Physical vs. Intuitive Senses

Just as we have five physical senses, we have corresponding intuitive senses on the spiritual or energetic level. We know that a typical healthy body has sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. Those same senses are available to us on subtle levels, and are often referred to as the sixth sense or gut feeling.

Of these five, the typical intuitive senses are generally related to sight, hearing, and feelings (whether emotional or physical). While some people receive psychic messages through taste and smell, these channels are rarer.

To determine whether you are more likely to use sight, hearing, or feelings as intuitive channels, you can begin by observing how you receive and store messages in the physical world, in your everyday life.


On a scale of 0-3, rate your sensory channels. 0 = Not at all. 3 = All the time.

____ When I think of my best friend I can easily recall the details of their face.
____ I speak rapidly.
____ I often look up when I am trying to remember names, words, or experiences.
____ I can easily imagine a red apple and turn it, in my mind, so that the light reflects off it in different ways.

____ I learn better if I listen to a lecture rather than read a book.
____ I can easily remember the tone and quality of voices.
____ I frequently whistle or hum a tune.
____ I am acutely aware of background music or noises.

____ I tend to speak slowly and deliberately.
____ I pay attention to the way my gut feels when I am in new situations.
____ I frequently look down when trying to recall past events.
____ I tend to remember the way I felt during an event or movie rather than the conversation, plot, or details.

Add up your scores in each section. The category that scored the highest is likely to be your primary sensory channel. While this quiz is in no way fool-proof, it may give you a hint about which sensory channel may be strongest for you.

You probably have also scored some points in other categories. You still have those senses available to you and these can also be developed. However you may find that using the primary one first will you give you the most immediate results. The other senses can be strengthened over time.

Come to Your Senses

If sight is your strongest sense in the everyday physical world, chances are it is also the one that can most easily be developed for use as an intuitive source of information. People who are visually-oriented have an easier time “seeing” during guided visualizations, past life regressions, or in psychic exercises.

If your strongest sense is hearing, you will have an easier time “hearing” your spirit guides and receiving auditory messages. Those of you who sense more through feelings will have the easiest time with empathy, medical intuition, and energy work.

As we turn this conversation towards the development of intuition, I would like to present a couple of concepts for your consideration. Imagine for a moment what it would be like to be without a physical body.

If you were astral projecting, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, or between lifetimes, how would you receive information about your environment, emotional state, or perhaps, others who are present (such as deceased loved ones or spirit guides)? Would you see what is around you? Could you hear voices or thoughts? Would you feel, “get a sense”, or “have a knowing” about people or places?

Just stop reading for a moment, close your eyes, and really imagine that experience.

How do you sense those things if you are not in a body? Where are those sensory channels located and how do you access them?

We think that our central nervous system relays messages about our environment, but is there more to it? Is there another way to receive information? And how does that work if you are not in a body that could access those nerves?

Fascinating, isn’t it? I will leave you to continue pondering that as we turn our attention to enhancing your intuitive channels.

Nine Tips for Enhancing Your Intuition

1. Take time each day to practice using your primary sensory channel. Visualize, pay attention to the voices and music in your head, and notice your responses to situations that are positive and negative.
2. Use your imagination frequently. Practice creating stories, picturing objects, or creating music in your mind.
3. Remain curious. As soon as you think you know something, the curiosity closes down. Remaining open to more and better information allows you to constantly update your knowledge of reality.
4. Ask specific questions. When you are specific about what you want to know, it is easier to get specific answers.
5. Daydream. Contrary to what you may have been told in elementary school, daydreaming is very useful. Daydreaming is a practice in using imagination, visualization, hearing, and feeling, while allowing a receptive space for messages to come in.
6. Use an intuitive tool, such as tarot cards or pendulum. Please stay away from Ouija Boards. Tools can be practical stepping stones to enhancing intuition, while focusing your mind and narrowing your questions.
7. Set aside your disbelief. While I would advise you against believing your intuitive hits without confirmation or making important life decisions based on your intuition until it has been honed and well-tested, being anchored in doubts and disbeliefs tends to hinder the full exploration and development of your skills.
8. Attend to your baggage. Intuition, and even consciousness, is restricted when there are subjects or memories that you are avoiding. Whatever you are hiding from yourself (character weaknesses, memories, beliefs, or scary aspects of reality) will create blocks in your life, clog up your reality filters, and stifle your ability to be fully psychic.
9. Be childlike, lighthearted, gentle, kind, harmless, respectful–to yourself and others.

Have fun exploring your sensory channels, and developing your intuition.

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