The Amazon interview process is quite different from the interview approach used by various other MNC’s. It is a good idea to prepare in advance for these kinds of differences. You should start preparing for amazon as early as possible to nail down the interview. If you will get a good grasp on various things, then it can help in making a significant difference.

Thus, we recommend you take amazon interview coaching to nail the interview. Some of the vital components of the Amazon interview that set it apart from others are described below. Have a look at the following points:

Automated Interviewing With Coding Challenges

The phone screen is the first challenge in the entire interview process. Phone screening at Amazon is not like the Google interview. Amazon has expanded this process by including coding challenges in it. Some interviewers prefer to choose this approach because the “performance anxiety of interviewee” in this type of interview is not present. The candidates can perform well by focusing on just writing an efficient and accurate code.

This type of interview approach is not just beneficial for interviewees, but also helpful for Amazon. It is so because they do not need to spend extra for expanding their resources for just conducting a half-an-hour round of interviews with candidates.

It is recommended to refer to the Amazon interview coaching guide to overcome various challenges in the coding round. Usually, these coding challenges are driven by an engine similar to the HackerRank. It will help in automatically analyzing the efficiency and correctness of the written code. It means that the interviewee will automatically get to know how good they are doing.

Pay Attention To Scalability

Amazon is a tech-giant and this company is concerned with how different things scale. This company wants to hire those candidates who are not just capable of solving the technical challenges, but also capable of scaling them. It is one of the most important criteria followed by the Amazon company to assess their candidates.

This criterion is specifically used for the system-design-based questions. Amazon hires those candidates who have a solid grasp of various database technologies. How you scale these technologies and how you compare will add a feather to your cap. The candidates who want to brush up their technical knowledge to crack the interview should join the amazon interview preparation course.

Amazon’s Leadership Principles

This aspect of interviewing at Amazon is completely different from other MNC’s interview processes. The interviewer at Amazon will ask you certain questions that will be based on the core principles of this company. Thus, all candidates who are going to appear in an Amazon interview should read various Amazon’s Leadership Principles.

Whether the candidates are preparing for a non-technical or technical interview at Amazon, they must prepare for the questions based on Amazon’ Leadership Principles. If you want to perform well during the Amazon interview rounds, you should know these principles and you should abide by them.

Well, candidates do not need to recite these principles, but they must read all of them. The interviewer wants to know how you will implement these principles in real life while working in Amazon. You should properly read all these principles so that you can properly answer the behavioral-based amazon interview questions.

The main objective of hiring the questions based on Amazon’s Leadership Principles is that Amazon does not just want technically sound candidates, but they want someone who would follow these principles. The Amazon leadership principles will help to maintain customer satisfaction, good quality in their products and services.

Bar Raiser Interview

The bar raiser interview is also conducted by Amazon and this interview process is completely different from various other interview processes at different MNCs. The bar raiser interview is the toughest interview part in the entire process. This interview round also consisted of questions based on the Amazon Leadership Principles, especially based on the two principles - “Hire and Develop the Best” and “Insist on the Highest Standards.”

This Amazon interview session varies and depends on who is taking the interview and when is this interview conducted. This kind of interview process is properly described in the books such as Gayle McDowell’s fantastic Cracking the Coding Interview (CTCI).

The bar raiser interview is taken by someone who is not associated with any team. These kinds of interviewers can help in making the best decision. They help to hire those candidates who want to stay with the company for the long run. Thus, the bar raiser interview will make sure that the company is always serving and innovating.

Interviewers of Bar raiser round undergo specific training and only selected candidates are nominated for this program. These kinds of interviewers are passionate about the hiring process.

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