Australia has become a proffered destination for students from all over the globe. Several factors have contributed to the growing attractiveness, with students from the UK, Southeast Asia, South Africa, and several other places finding opportunities to study and work in Australia.

The balanced lifestyle, a strong economy, outstanding academic programs, and the general beauty and hospitality all contribute to increased immigration. It’s reported that more than 300,000 international students immigrate to Australia seeking better opportunities. How is the process and what does one need?

In this article, we look at some of the options that immigrant students in applying for skilled migration in Australia.

Permanent Residency (PR). What is it?

Australia has a program that allows you to become a permanent resident. You need to qualify, apply, and be granted a permanent visa that allows you to stay in the country indefinitely. There are several visa options for skilled workers, family members and business investors. Our focus here is on international students gaining residency through the skillset gained.

Skills Assessment

International students can choose to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) once they are done with their studies. They can express their interest by applying through Australia’s SkillSelect migration program.

This is an online service that allows people intending to migrate to fill in their Expression of Interest (EOI). Students fill in a lot of information such as their skills and attributes, which are assessed through a points test. The total score is tabulated, and if they qualify, they may be invited to start the skilled visa application process. Government departments and Australian employers in need of specific skill sets can also nominate persons for Visa applications.

Skilled Visa Options

Students who have graduated from Australian universities have a number of visa options at their disposal, particularly those that are work-related. They include :

a) Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa
This visa is gained through tested points. Visa applicants must obtain the minimum points, which in this case is 65 points. The minimum points are also determined by the occupation you choose since some occupations are outrightly more competitive than others. In an occupation that is in high demand, your chances of receiving an invitation are much higher.

It doesn’t require State nomination or that of any territory. Any international student who has duly graduated from an Australian university and is not sponsored by an employer or a relative is eligible to apply. You can get more information from a related agency or Melbourne office and elsewhere

b) Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated Visa
Skilled persons who have been nominated by a territory or state department apply for the Subclass 190 skilled Nominated visa. Eligibility is determined through a skills assessment for a specific occupation as outlined in the
Skilled Occupation List.

Applicants have to score at least 65 points or more. This visa is specifically meant to offer opportunities to skilled persons and experts in high-demand within the Australian labour market.

This is a permanent visa and allows you to stay in the country indefinitely. With this, you can travel in and out of Australia as much as you like, only for the first five years from the date the visa was issued. After five years, a Resident Return Visa(RRV) is required to re-enter or return to the country as a permanent resident.

This visa class accords you the following advantages:
- Work and study in Australia without restrictions
- Sponsor eligible relatives to acquire either permanent or temporary visa
- Apply for Australia’s universal health care scheme
- An indefinite stay in Australia
- Possibility to apply for Australian citizenship

An important aspect to note about this visa is that you must live in the territory or state of nomination for at least two years. After this period, you may apply to change the status to allow you to work or live anywhere in the country.

c) Subclass 491 Skilled Regional Visa
Eligibility for this visa requires sponsorship, meet the skill set requirements or receive a nomination from a territory, region, or state.
The following are some of the general skilled visa application requirements
- Aged between 18- 45 years.
- Living and studying in regional Australia
- Certified in one of Australian community languages
- Completion of a Professional Year Program (PYP) in Australia, which is government-authorized
- Education qualification diploma, bachelor’s degree, masters or doctorate.
- Overseas or skilled Australian employment in a particular nominated or closely related occupation

Besides these requirements, there are more specific eligibility criteria demands to qualify for a skilled independent visa as outlined below.
One must fill and submit the online Expression of Interest (EIO) through the SkillSelect platform. You have to wait until you receive the invitation to apply for the visa.
-By the time you are invited to apply for the visa, you must be aged below 45 years.
- You must also undertake a medical examination and fulfill the minimum health requirements.
- A valid English test is mandatory to demonstrate your proficiency in the language.
- You must also demonstrate to be a person of good character and sign the Australian values statement, provide a police certificate, qualification evidence as well as skills assessment, and other important documents.

There are several visa entry points for skilled immigrant students into Australia. The most important thing is to pick an option that you are best qualified for. You may need the services of a qualified agency or lawyer to guide you through. Most importantly, ensure that you meet all the legal and background qualifications and agree to live by the laws.

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