Education is a journey through which a child grows into a humble human being. Apart from school and teachers, parents also have a significant role to play in this journey of the development of the kids. After all, parents are the first teachers any child encounters. Studies show that children follow their parents to the extent of imitation to learn. Hence, what you are saying and doing, or how you react to a particular situation play a vital role in forming the milestones along your child’s growth path.

Several pieces of research on parental involvement in a child’s education have revealed that the higher the involvement, the greater is the extent of cognitive development. Researchers have also confirmed that kids experience a better and augmented parent-child relationship when moms and dads get involved with their education.

At best cbse school in noida, we have often witnessed that when parents take an interest in their kid’s learning process, children tend to become more engaged with education as a whole. Besides bringing the tender mind near the scope of education,parental involvement can help the kids grow in plenty of other ways as well. Read on to know why we, at JP International School, ranked among the greater noida schools reviews, believe that parents should indeed stay attached to their child’s educational journey to ensure excellence for them in every sphere.

Aids in learning beyond books

There’s no denying that books arethe primary source of knowledge. But, a vast scope of learning lies beyond the textbooks as well. And, parents can be a critical bridge between this knowledge and the kids. Readout storybooks to your kids, involve them in word games, play with them with numbers, and you will be teaching your kid every moment without even letting the little one realize that he/she is gaining important life lessons in the process.

This is why, we, at top international schools in noida, always recommend the parents to stay involved with the learning process of their kids. It surely is a delight to watch your kids grow. But when parents become an active part of this growth process, the satisfaction gets doubled. Your child needs you to learn from every experience he/she comes across in a day.

Helps ensure continuity

Parents always remain the primary source of learning for children.  The time a kid spends at home can be enriching if the parents remain involved and aware. For instance, when you are preparing the monthly expenditure budget, involve your kids to do the simple calculations. This will enhance their mathematical abilities. Children love to take part in the house works in general. Hence, if you don’t want the process of learning to stop, involve your children in simple chores.

Home Works Done On Time

Plenty of studies on parental involvement in the process of their kid’s learning show that children with involved parents at home finish their studies on time. On the other hand, children whose parents remain unattached with their process of education often skip their homework. Home works are meant for practice, and practice helps to bring the young minds closer to perfection

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At JP International School, one among the top 10 schools in greater noida, we believe that it is the very involvement of parents in learning that adds value to their educational journey and makes the kids feel encouraged all the time. After all, parents are most important to kids. If they would remain aligned with the education process of their children, the kids will learn faster and remain engaged in the education process. We firmly believe that the purpose of education is not to fill the tiny brains with hefty information. True education kindles the spirit of learning and curiosity in every mind. And parents, with their active participation, can contribute positively to redirecting the little minds towards a focused goal from aimlessness. Hence, make sure that you stay right by your kid’s side and be a part of his/her learning path.