i2a Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Gurgaon based technology company that aims to increase your business's productivity with the support of Big Data and Machine Learning technologies.

i2a Technologies delivers intelligent, cost-effective technology solutions for carving great ideas and accelerating innovations to make them a reality.

i2a Technologies is soon introducing a software that helps small to large scale industries manage their finances with ease. Software would be cloud-based management program for entrepreneurs and SMEs. At any time and from anywhere, it allows you to quickly invoice, control expenses, manage purchases, inventories and warehouses, follow portfolio and treasury management, respond to tax obligations and monitor the evolution of business accounting.

You can integrate all applications, systems, and platforms with this software. More than 1,000 applications are available, such as Online Stores, CRM, Project Management, Payments, and much more.

The Software will be free and very easy to use. But if you have any doubts, just say what are you looking for?

Whether it is a question about any functionality of the solution, or matters related to taxation or business consulting. Do not waste time. i2a Technologies experts are always available to help.

How i2a Technologies help your business to grow?

Invoice anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Control your accounting and consult the current and future performance of your business.

Integrated management of purchases, inventory and various warehouses.

Make faster collections and manage the treasury.

Online payments
Faster payments with online payment options.

Work at any time and on any device.

Online management software that offers you the possibility of working wherever you want.
Choose the language, the currency and the company. Then, you just have to invoice, manage your suppliers and purchases.

Guarantees faster collections and payments.

Follow all the financial information of your company. i2a Technologies allows you to carry out portfolio management and movements of cashiers and banks, define credit limits, control pending amounts and their due dates and carry out bank reconciliation.

It also allows you to speed up the settlement of invoices through the offer of various online payment methods.

Author's Bio: 

Vivek is a business consultant at i2a Technologies Pvt. Ltd.