Over the last 16 years I’ve lost 30 pounds three times –

Once because I was overweight, and twice after my pregnancies.

When I shed weight, people wanted to know what I did and they hung on to every word I said in hopes of crafting their slimmer body too.

People would ask me “What diet did you go on?” and of course I would say “I don’t diet.”

Wanna know what I did?

Here it is! Take note because it's going to change
your body like it did mine...

1. First I had to create The Right Mental Framework - I taught myself how to "think thin" which helped me each and every day FEEL better about myself knowing that I truly had the power to transform my body and become thin.

2. Naturally Thin Eating - Once I understood how the naturally thin ate, I was able to copy exactly what they do to keep their bodies looking awesome. In doing so, my 30+pounds fell off, no dieting took place, and I had to invest in
an entirely new wardrobe.

3. Trigger Tools - My triggers are numerous and include overeating when I'm happy, social overeating, eating when I’m exhausted, and eating in front of the TV. I developed a system to deal with my triggers so that I rarely overeat.

If and when I do overeat, I never beat myself up – I simply learn from myself and my actions which keeps my progress steady and has totally eliminately yo-yo cycling.

4. Going From Unconscious to Conscious Eating - I learned how to go from using food to unconsciously numb out to conscious eating.

Using several techniques, I am now conscious when I eat. I used to just grab and go. If I saw food and it looked good, then I would eat it – but this wasn't serving my body and was moving me much further from my body goals.

5. I Had To Fire My Fat Self - It's true! My head was really fat! My
thoughts and conversations were fat. I would head to lunch with
my friends and talk only about how fat my thighs were and how ugly
I felt. In firing my fat self, the conversations with myself and my friends
put me on a thin path that attracted more thinness versus fat.

6. I Had to DECIDE to BE Thin- I had to go through
a series of steps to allow thinness into my life and come to the place
where I could receive thinness. Through visualizations, affirmations and
positive visioning, I could take on a thin body and keep it without
self-sabotage, without holding resentments, without anger - with
true openness and love.

In putting all of this together, I lost 30 pounds three times.

Over the past 16 years I’ve helped thousands of people transform their
bodies and it gives me the greatest pleasure in the world to receive emails,
letters and notes of gratitude for the gift that thinness has given them in
their lives.

You can do it to!

Author's Bio: 

Emotional Eating Expert, Marna Thall, has helped thousands of people over the past 16+ years shed between 15 - 100 pounds with dieting or deprivation. Marna believes that in order to change your weight, you must first change your mind. Marna coaches and trains women how to transform their dream of thinness into a reality.