The purpose of this content is to show you that SEO can be as easy as taking a good meal and juice while catching fun at it.

I created a new website in May 2018 on a dog niche which happens to be quite competitive as at the time of creation. Prior to this time – I have built about 5 websites on diverse niches but found it hard to rank them organically due to several trial and errors (now are ranking though).

This was as a result of getting the whole idea of SEO complicated. We read several articles online regularly seeking to learn ways to improve; but then the more you read, the more it looks like SEO is science rocket.

Having tried several methods, both black hat SEO and white hat SEO, I was able to get the right and easiest formula that produces result.

This strategy ranked my new website to top 1, and I am way on top of several of the big competitors. I have thus since used this method successfully to rank more sites which are all ranking between top 1 and 5 positions.

SO how did I do it?

I researched on my competitors keywords on google. This is very easy. Let’s assume you are in the wrist watch niche; you can lookup on google for the keyword “best Swiss wristwatch for men’ for example.

Simply pick the first or second best ranked competitors, and proceed to research on them. What you are after is BACKLINKS pointing to this website(s).

The backlinks are actually responsible for the greatest factor for ranking high, so this is what I capitalize on mostly for now.

I use this free resource online to check for the backlinks pointing to such site.

What next?

I hire a freelancer to help me scrape the emails associated with the websites. Sometimes you can find up to 10000 backlinks, meaning you get about 10,000 emails.

I then write to the entire mail list asking for the prospect of guest posting free with them (you have to be creative with the letter).

Once you send the draft, expect about 10% (more or less) replies with positive response!

Now, you are ready for business.

If you have 500 responses asking you can guest post with your link in the post, how will you be able to create such volume?

What I do is hire a professional SEO writer either at fiverr or upwork. This writer will help to draft your pitch letter and the main guest post articles.

Out of 5 writers on my list that I use, Amandasolutions is my choice freelancer because they have been able to provide me the best and most professional SEO content; I would owe my google ranking to their creative work!

Okay, great, you have gotten as far as this;
If you submitted and got 500 approved guest post contents with your website link, it means you now have about 500 special white hat SEO backlinks and that’s the journey to success.

Once published by these sites, you have to wait a few weeks or months, and you will surely rank.

In my own case, I had 200 backlinks from top sites pointing to my new website and this is what opened up my eyes to this winning method.

SEO is easy as ABC if you have the time, patience and focus (knowing what you really want).

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Kenny Wills is just another entrepreneur – learning and applying daily results. He can be reached on: