How I Met the Wizard of Oz!

Before I joined the Empower Network, I had lost all confidence in myself. The reason why? Life had rained down on me extremely hard and in the process, like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, my brain became rusty and simply stopped working!

I stopped being able to figure things out. I'm telling you that I became mentally crippled!

Last night I tried to hang a very large picture on the wall. I sat there looking at it and thinking, how am I going to do this? I wonder if my daughter will do this for me? Believe me when I tell you the picture weighed less than two pounds and hung up by one nail and some tape. But before I attempted to hang it, I believed I could not do it!

This type of thinking dominated my life before I began listening to the Inner Circle Audio Trainings.

Can you imagine becoming so crippled in your mind that you cannot believe in your ability to hang a picture on the wall by yourself? Can you imagine becoming so gripped by fear that you were afraid to leave the house, walk down the street, or trust a new group of people? This is where I was just a few months ago!

The Inner Circle Audios Gave Oil to My Brain

Remember the scene in the wizard of Oz when Dorothy squirted the Tin Man with oil? That is exactly how I feel about the Inner Circle Audios and the daily motivational calls through the Empower Network!

Within the first two weeks of listening in, the gears in my brain began moving again!

Can you imagine living for so many years without having a clear thought? Can you imagine being unable to clearly map out your own life plan? Coming to the end of yourself and realizing that you have no direction in life? Coming to the end of your rope and not being able to figure it out?

THAT WAS ME! Like the Tin Man, I was literally standing in the Woods of Life MOTIONLESS!

Along Came My Dorothy!

The person who helped to bring me back to life was a very awesome lady named Natalie Gouche. At the time that I met her, she, like Dorothy, was on her way to OZ, to discover the power of her true self.

Although I had been standing there MOTIONLESS, she caught my attention because my eyes could still move and I was able to see her. I recognized that she had a liveliness about her, she had a very good sense of business, and she was achieving amazing results.

As I watched her passing my way, I thought to myself, I want to be like that! So she came and put a little oil around my ankles so I could take that step forward and join the Empower Network! (Tears...thank you Natalie, I'm forever grateful)

The Austin Event Introduced me to the Wizard! Welcome to My Emerald City!

Although I had a desire to be successful like Natalie, I still felt like the Tin Man and the Lion. I was lacking in confidence and my brain was still suck! I didn't quite realize what my problem was, but something inside told me, if I just follow Natalie (My Dorothy), ultimately I would get to where I wanted to go.

It was not until I arrived at the Austin Event that I truly realized my personal OZ! It was at that event that I finally realiized WHO I TRULY AM! I strongly believe it takes coming face to face with another Wizard to recognize the true wizard in you!

Will the Real Wizard Please Stand Up?!

How many times have you found yourself surrounded by people in life who you absolutely cannot identify with? Have you ever noticed that being around them causes you to shut off some part of yourself and who you truly are?

Doing this consistently over a period of years can kill your self esteem, shut you off from your true self, and cause your heart and brain to stop working properly. Suddenly you realize you have lost your ability to dream, your passion dies, and you become MOTIONLESS.

HOWEVER! When you get around a true wizard, a real master, someone who reminds you of the greatness inside of you and puts you back in touch with who you truly are, THIS EXPERIENCE IS PRICELESS!

The Wizard of Oz - IS YOU!

You have forgotten who you are because you needed someone to remind you! You have become stuck in life because you DISCONNECTED FROM YOUR TRUE SELF! You have not been able to shine because NOBODY BELIEVED IN YOUR DREAM AND WHAT YOU HAD TO OFFER!

But that day is over! All I needed was a gentle reminder and a game plan to get back in control of my life! The Wizard inside of me is fully activated and ready to make her entrance into the world. I believe in myself again and I believe in MY DREAM AND MY ABILITY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Do you have a dream? Are you connected to your true heart, your desires and intention? If not, YOU NEED TO MAKE A DECISION RIGHT NOW! It is time for you to make a decision to take back control of your life. This new year has just begun. DO NOT BRING THAT OLD MINDSET INTO THIS NEW YEAR! Use the Inner Circle Audios to reprogram and reset your brain!

Get with a team of SELF EMPOWERED WIZARDS to give you that example of dedicated, and determined leadership. DO NOT LIVE A MEDIOCRE AND MOTIONLESS EXISTENCE! PUT SOME OIL ON YOUR BRAIN AND TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW!

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Michelle Collier is a Single, WAHM, Professional Blogger & Internet Marketer. Passionate about Writing & Creative Arts Media, she has been blogging for over ten years. Currently writing her second book on her personal journey from Trauma to Wholeness, she enjoys assisting others to overcome life's difficult circumstances and discovering their personal passion. To Learn more about Michelle, visit her blog at