The Antidote for procrastination

Hey mummy, I’m here! Writing about how I finally managed to find myself happy to finish things! Yes, it’s me and I know I am the kid that would always dig under my clothes to find my books, last minute before I went to sleep. I know I went to school only for the company and jokes and I am totally aware of the fact that it took me 8 years to finish my studies and get my haunted degree. I’ve got some mental souvenirs from that, you may don’t know it. Or you probably do, I guess sweet mummies know much more than we think.
So, yes. Not even I can believe it. I used to be the queen of procrastination and this was my poison. I could never finish anything and that honestly lowered my quality of life and destroyed my confidence. I used to have huge amounts of confidence until my early 20’s first because everyone deserves to have confidence and secondly because no one ever told me I was not allowed to. But, my daily behavior and sick procrastination made me feel fed up with myself and want to build my mind from zero. It is not easy for everyone to get to that point. It requires months or even years of postponing things for tomorrow and get sick of all this mountain you have on your back and never can count how much you have already forgotten.
Obviously, you don’t care about many things when you are in this situation and for me, this happens only for one reason. You are on the wrong path. When people are on the wrong path, they get depressed about things and anxiety becomes their first advisor. There is a circle though that needs to break. In order to get away from this situation, you need to complete and finish some things. Unfortunately, it is not possible just to close your eyes and disappear. Believe me, I have tried hundreds of times and prayed frustrated even more. Everything you have heard about closing eyes and disappearing is a myth.
When I reached my lovely zero and had my first panic attack I finally realized I had to do something to push me above the water. I took a pencil and a paper and wrote a letter to myself. I wrote five things I loved about me and three things I wanted to change. Then I wrote down how I could change them and I decided that I needed to make a tiny list every day, so as to know what I needed to do. Maybe my first list would be funny for others, but it was vital for me. This list however improved and I was finally able to save myself from the situation I had created. I finally got my degree, ended toxic relationships or friendships that made me sad, changed job and even moved to another place. Yes, my tiny list and humble changed my reality.
But I am not writing about a white dead list. That was yesterday. Today, I am talking about the ultimate way to find yourself happy completing your tasks, not just operate them with a primitive list! We need to get joy from our days, not just operate them.
I am talking about positive journaling. You keep an agenda with your list and every day “TO DO” things BUT. You have a notebook that you keep as a partnership between you and your agenda. (Yes, I have reached to this level of procrastination that I have objects as partners!).
What is the difference between the agenda and the journaling thing? My agenda is just my boss. I write things that I need to do for my daily life, work as a writer, exercise and eat some salad. Journaling involves the encouragement I need for myself WHY to do those things. On the top, I write the date and afterward I write the question “What do I want to do today to feel happy?” Then I continue “Today I want to read twenty pages of my book because I feel satisfaction when I read and get positive knowledge from an author. I want to put some music on and clean my kitchen because I feel calm when things are in order and I can find them when I need them. Today I want to write an article. Writing has proven to be my psychotherapy and I feel proud when I get a page full of words. I need pencils around me because I love their smell. I will not omit to eat a salad today, I love the feeling of getting stronger every day”. Some other days I will write “Today I am going to work in my garden because I want to learn things about gardening and soil stuff and I love the feeling that gives me afterwards. Read 10 pages of my book because even though I feel bored today, I need to finish it”. Some other days are about exercise and work and some other days are about “Just try not to get in jail”
Why am I doing that? Because I focus on the feeling that these actions give me and not on the actions. This is so highly important for lazy queens like me. I get the feeling of the result and I sometimes even can’t wait to do them. I sometimes find myself excited at work about getting home, listening to Spice Girls and tidying up! (This is not imagination). When you don’t like what you are about to do, focus on the feeling that the result gives you. Why are you doing that? Because of the purpose that is served. What do you want from your day? I want to be better than yesterday. How will I manage this? How can I make my body feel stronger? Why do I want that?Whhhyyy bitch wwhhyyy???
After journaling, I have found myself positive in my day and I really elevated the quality of my self-talk. It is a totally different relationship with my mind that brought me the awareness of my actions. When I complete the tasks, I tick them in my agenda and I have lived the day as best as I could.
Journaling is a happiness habit but for me, it is a trick for our mind to execute stuff and feel happy about it. If we look at things as a whole we’ll get frustrated of how huge they are and then they will get even huger and difficult to cope.
See the things as small parts and do each one every day. Let’s focus on the feeling and the result and let’s celebrate it. From my point of view, this is how I see my days from a different aspect and I really enjoy it.
Important note and personal opinion: You need to be on the right path in your life so as to get the result you want. If journaling is not about the benefit of yourself, then it becomes torture.

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My name is Efi and I want to be part of the global change. However, we need to be healthy and happy so as to make a global change with a positive impact on the future. I write about life and philosophy. The best part of writing comes in giving a spark of life to my readers with the help of cosmology science. I literally love it.

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