Do you have a recipe box filled with your families favorite desserts? Are you afraid to alter the recipe for fear of losing taste, texture, or appearance? Afraid they won't eat it if you do change the ingredients? Have no fear. There is an easy answer to cut out sugar in your recipes without sacrificing taste, texture or appearance.

And if you will follow this one simple strategy, I can almost guarantee they will never even notice. OK, if you have that one very discriminating taster, he might ask if something is different...but he will not be able to tell what it is. And if anyone asks me, I just say I tried a new butter or margarine. I never tell them I cut out sugar. Never. Why? Because they get this mental picture in their head that I am depriving them of the real thing. When all I am doing is saving them from future health problems - that they will thank me for later.

I have tested out this strategy on hundreds of people with dozens of recipes. When I was working for the largest weight loss company in the U.S., the people in my meetings nicknamed me "The Recipe Queen" because I always tested out new recipes each week and brought them in so they could try them too. I have always believed that if you like what you are eating, you will stick with it. And you do not have to sacrifice taste and enjoyment for health.

Here is the simple strategy to cut out sugar in your favorite recipes:

Whatever the original recipe calls for, cut the sugar in 1/2. Yes, you read that right. Cut the sugar in half. Do not substitute with artificial sugars or liquid substitutes. Use real sugar and just cut the amount in half. It is so easy. And you will not notice the difference, I promise you. If anything, your family will say, "Boy, you did a really good job of this blueberry pie this time." And you will smile and say thanks. Do not tell them you cut out sugar this time. Do Not! Why? Because they then become suspicious of any future recipes.

They might say: well, it worked out this time, but don't try it with my favorite carrot cake, or my favorite apple pie. I assure you this simple strategy works across the board. Once you have used it in ALL the family favorites, you may then say: "Yes, I have been cutting out sugar for over a year now and you never noticed. So you can thank me or pay me for the pounds you didn't gain." Bet you get a big kiss instead!

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With 10 years experience in the weight loss industry, Gretchen shares her fire tested, reality based solutions to your sugar addiction problem. Because she believes: when you conquer the sugar, you conquer the pounds.
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