I live in Greece. A difficult country for free thinkers and people that choose a rational way of thought and lifestyle. It was always this way, but the financial decline is like snow and when it melts it makes filthy things lying under it, shines bright like diamonds in the sun…
I live in Greece but I am an Earth’s daughter. I feel every place of this beautiful mother as it is. Mine. And I can see that decadence spreads everywhere, from Europe to all over America, making people from Asia and Africa suffering even more. Right wings are elected and poping like black mushrooms every day.
People that lived in my country before they were fought like the light that can never be dimmed, believed in something. The ancient Greeks believed that you can never achieve personal happiness and bliss if the people in your town are not able to find happiness and bliss. We depend on each other. And this is the only truth. That’s why external decadence and the spiritual decline has bad effects on people that care.
Depression from external decadence is so common, and I was not an exception to this. I suffered from depression for six whole awful years. And it was something clinical or internal. It was a result of poor mental food and a lack of encouragement. Everyone around me was either negative or lacked in philosophy. Do you know what I believe now? The lack of philosophy in our lives is passive abuse. People that have the need for a high quality of mental food, need to find it. Otherwise, they will be sad. I reached to this conclusion the hard way.
High quality of mental food. This was the first step I took to fight the external decadence. Books and knowledge helped me strengthen my mind and created a silver shield for my soul. A year after feeding my mind every day with positive paradigms of human history. People we almost knew nothing about like Nicolas Winton and Janusz Korczak and so many brave people fool of knowledge and humility, now became my paradigms in life. I stopped making stupid people famous. We need light in our lives and if we don’t find this light, we need to become this light. But our history is full of light. We just need to dig for it. There is no other way, and maybe this is its beauty.
I started focusing on improving my own self. And honestly, I started from zero. I realized that I wanted to change the world while I had no idea of how to make myself a proper healthy meal. I wanted to change the world while I couldn’t focus on reading just two pages of a book. I wouldn’t even make my own bed in the morning. What a funny depressed hero I was! I realized that the only stupidity I could win was my own stupidity. And this was as valuable as life. This was huge. Helping myself relieving my soul from at least one stupid person was really cool, don’t you think? That person was me, the most important person in my world.
I started learning new skills. But that took me long. Because of my long depression, my body and mind would not follow anything demanding, so I took my time. I started learning french which made me feel encouraged that I was learning something new. I do it free of course because I didn’t have the money for a teacher. I planted that beautiful herb in my garden and when I made sure I didn’t kill it, I planted another one. When I made sure that I was not planning an intentional herb genocide, I confirmed that I liked gardening. I started learning things about different types of music which was one of the coolest things I think I did! I learned about legends of rock and I discovered a new world. I know, shame on me I didn’t know about them so far. But now I do! I am planning to learn a musical instrument in the future, I think it will be a trumpet.
I started being selective about the things that will make me sad. I know that doesn’t sound very empathetic but let me tell you something. Deeply empathetic humans owe to themselves to be selective to what will bother them and feel empathetic for. If you don’t act smart you will be drowned. You need to respect yourself like the treasure you are. Never, ever drown yourself in extra drama or situation that can be fixed. Focus on two aspects of the problems and take action. Be part of the change. If you just feel depressed about everything, you change nothing and this is normal! You are not a universal hero.
You are just a human struggling and you deserve to be relieved. Focus on one thing that bothers you and become part of the change. Do you feel pity about stray dogs? Become a volunteer. Whatever you want to change, change it. But don’t just scroll down and feel pity, because this is negativity in your brain and brain gets addicted to negative thoughts. Learn about plastic, reduce the plastic you use. Encourage yourself. Learn about oil pipelines in your area and get active. Generally, take action. Action is life and life is the only weapon.
I started learning about geography, cosmology and the Universe. Digging deep inside in knowledge helped myself open the mind in where I am, what my capabilities are, who we are as a whole. Learning about the laws of the universe made me stand in the distance from what I was taught, I embraced life as a whole, not only human society. Now I see that dealing only with anthropocentric issues is an obstacle for inner happiness and balance. What we know and what we suffer now from, it will may a dark historical fact for the future generations. What we enjoy now will may be a shame for our generation. The way we react or we do not react may be a shock. Being anthropocentric and far away for the universal law, I think is a form of serious psychological abuse. Investigate, research. Be curious and learn from the past and the life all around you.
I am not here to tell people to do this, don’t do that. I am here to tell my story about how I managed to get out of my bed and make it a habit. Telling people my story is what makes me feel that those six fucking years of depression was not dumped in the rubbish bin of time. That it was a humiliating journey I forced myself do, but now it becomes the beacon to help my fellow humans.
Humans that we need in order to rise all together. Remember, you cannot find inner peace and bliss if people from your town do not find inner peace and bliss. No matter what they say, this is the only truth.
We are all in this together.

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My name is Efi and I want to be part of the global change. However, we need to be healthy and happy so as to make a global change with a positive impact on the future. I write about life and philosophy. The best part of writing comes in giving a spark of life to my readers with the help of cosmology science. I literally love it.

If you want to work with me, please feel free to get in touch with me in my email: helloefi@restartrevolt.com and let me know what you need for your bussiness.