My life before the change

Before the change, I had limited ambition and tended not to accept responsibility for my problems in life. I didn't always consider the beliefs and desires of other people. I thought that my own personal beliefs and desires were all that mattered in life.

How the change happened to me

After retirement, I looked back on my life and was disappointed with my lack of achievements and failure to use my natural talents effectively. I wanted something better for the rest of my life. However, I didn't know how to turn my life around. At some point, I recalled receiving some unusual experiences that seemed to be gifts from the universe. Therefore, in desperation, I asked the universe for help.

My struggles during the change

After about a year, I started receiving some revelations. However, I did not accept these ideas or fully understand them at first. You see they were so different from my existing beliefs and the rules of conventional wisdom. Nevertheless, I was desperate to improve my life so I tried experimenting with these insights. The revelations mainly concerned the interaction of beliefs and the the subconscious mind. The breakthrough came after I began inserting various empowering beliefs into my subconscious mind.

My life after the change

Some of the most powerful changes were visualizations that gave me courage and energy on command. With these new powers, I was able to complete a project I had started but could not finish. This project, an ebook, if finished could help people to a better life. The publication of this ebook was the first step in living the dreams for my new life. I haven't completely changed my lifestyle or beliefs yet. I'm taking one goal at a time. From now on though I merely have to decide on what I want for a better life. Then I can give myself whatever new beliefs may be required.

Example of gaining personal empowerment

Late in my working life, I wanted to have a more forceful, take-charge attitude. I used the following affirmation to implant these new beliefs into my subconscious mind:

"I am forceful and confident. I have a take-charge attitude."

Please notice that this affirmation is stated in the present tense, as if you already possess these new attitudes. You also have to fire up your emotions when voicing these affirmations. You see, your subconscious mind can't tell the difference between reality, and impressions that are repetitive and have high emotional content.

During each session, I repeated this affirmation aloud five times. I did two or three sessions each day. I was new to this idea of using affirmations to change myself. Therefore, I didn't expect much to happen. However, after the first week, my actions and attitudes started to change. I was bolder and more confident. I felt more at ease when interviewing clients. I stopped using the affirmations after a few weeks. I didn't want to become too aggressive - after all, I was an accountant, not a prize fighter.

Author's Bio: 

Charles Moorehead was a certified public accountant for 40 years. After receiving a series of breakthrough revelations, he is now devoting his free time to helping people overcome the barriers to a better life.

For more details on this subject, see his Magic Success Secrets ebook that is available for purchase.

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