The room sharing and vacation rental industry is likely to beat the hotel industry by the year 2020. With better profit margins and an increasingly upward market, vacation rentals business will stay for long! The competition has become stiffer which is a sufficient reason for the vacation rental companies to go for new competitive intelligence strategies and web scraping is amongst the high-return activities which can help your business lead the competition.

How Does Web Data Scraping Work?

Web Scraping is a data extraction method from websites available on the internet, using programs named web crawlers. This is a technically composite process that needs skilled manpower and high-end resources. Rather than manually visiting thousands of websites for collecting relevant data, a web scraping system is utilized to perform activities on a large scale having efficiency and high speed.

Web Scraping Applications in the Vacations Rental Industry

Create Business Intelligence Apps

With a lucrative industry having a heavy investment perspective, it makes sense to create business intelligence applications on the vacation rentals portals. As the industry is growing steadily in terms of revenue, customers, as well as profit margins, the vacation rental portals might need deeper insights into the market for keeping them rooted. So, the business intelligence requirements will keep growing from this viewpoint.

Competitor Prices Scraping

Pricing intelligence has become the main competitor intelligence tool in today’s online world. Vacation rental websites are not different when comes to a pricing war. As there are huge brands that list different properties on the vacation rental websites like Home Away, Airbnb and Flipkey, it’s very important to become competitive with the rental listing prices. With web scraping, the pricing data for related properties in all given geo-locations can be traced as well as used to price the listings for determined profitability. Using web scraping, mining price data from different vacation rentals sites on an everyday basis is very easy and affordable.

Creating an Aggregator Website

As customers could be on the lean budget as well as pricing conscious when comes to traveling, price aggregator websites will be constantly in demand. An easy option of comparing prices across different vacation rental websites at one position is the main USP of these aggregator sites. So, you will require a strong web scraping service to support you in case you are planning to create vacation rentals aggregator websites.

List of Data Fields

For a vacation rentals website, you can scrape the following list of data fields:
• Property ID
• Amenities
• Bathrooms
• Bedrooms
• Calendar Last Updated
• Cancellation Policy
• Check-In Time
• City
• Cleaning Fee
• Country
• Currency Native
• Extra People Fee
• Latitude
• Listing Images, Title, Type, and URL
• Longitude
• Max Guests
• Minimum Stay
• Neighborhood
• Number of Photos, Reviews
Pets Allowed
• Property Type
• Published Monthly, Nightly, and Weekly Rate
• Response Rate
• Security Deposit
• State
• Zip Code

List of Popular Online Business Directories

A professional Web Scraping and Data Extraction Service Provider like Hir Infotech can scrape all the popular online business directories like:

• 9flats.Com
• AirBnB.Com
• Atraveo.Com
• Booking.Com
• Expedia.Com
• Flipkey.Com
• FranceVacationVilla.Com
• Google.Com/Travel/
• Holidaylettings.Co.Uk
• HomeAway.Com
• Homestay.Com
• HouseTrip.Com
• Interhome.Com
• Lovehomeswap.Com
• OneFineStay.Com
• Roomorama.Com
• TripAdvisor.Com
• VacationRentals.Com
• VillaEurope.Com
• VillaLuxe.Com
• Villarental.Com
• VillasIntl.Com
• VillasItalia.Com
• VillasofDistinction.Com
• VillasoftheWorld.Com
• VRBO.Com
• Wimco.Com
• Wimdu.Com

How Does the Vacation Rentals Price Monitoring Work?

Data Analysis

At Hir Infotech, we perform data analysis of images, text, documents, etc. that is given by you and provides the best vacation rentals solutions for you. We also provide a solid conclusion of the finest web services which would fulfill your requirements.

Data Collection

As per your requirements, our professional crawlers start working on data collected from different websites. We also do quality checks to give you final results in a well-structured format. Therefore, you can provide the final data to your system to get the maximum out of your business.

Data Preparation

According to customers’ requirements on a particular industry or product-level scraping, some attributes like availability and pricing changes continuously. We always give you the latest and updated data to keep the system updated.

How Service Providers Like Hir Infotech Can Provide You the Best Web Data Scraping Solutions for Hotels and Vacations Rental Price Monitoring?

Hir Infotech is amongst the leading and well-known Data Crawling and Web Scraping Service Provider Companies and we provide the best vacation rentals services to generate more business leads.

Real-Time Updates

According to customers’ requirements on a particular industry or product-level scraping, some attributes like availability and pricing changes continuously. We always give you the latest and updated data to keep the system updated.

Matchless Data

The data that we offer won’t be the same as a customer’s or competitor’s data. We provide custom and unique data to all our customers.

Customized Solutions

According to current needs or user requirements, we offer customized solutions. Once we collect requirements, our team provides customized and unique solutions.

To get the best hotels and vacation rentals Price Monitoring Services, contact Hir Infotech!
• Restaurant Name
• Restaurant Address
• City, State/Province, Post Code
• Latitude & Longitude
• Fax, Phone
• Opening Hours
• Minimum Order
• Ingredients Picture
• Food Price, Name, Type
• Description
• Delivery Price
• Promotion Details
• All Food Items From The Menu
• Category
• Star Ratings
• Number Of Reviews
• Working Hours

List of Popular Restaurant Menu

At Hir Infotech, we scrape and extract data from the following apps:
• Delectable
• DinningGrades
• EAT24
• Find.Eat.Drink
• Foursquare
• Grubhub
• Happy Hour Finder
• LocalEats
• OpenTable
• PostMates
• Restaurant Finder
• Resy
• Starbucks
• Taco Bell
• Tasteful
• Trip Advisor
• UberEats
• Urbanspoon
• Yelp
• Zagat

Scraping restaurant locations and menu data could be a tedious job, mainly if you do not recognize how to complete that. Getting the data manually requires so much time and resources. The finest option is to utilize Restaurant menu data scraping services that help you quickly get the data you want. Restaurant menu data scraping services will help you get files, images, data, as well as other things that you want to run your restaurant.

Through scraping restaurant and menu data, you can find data about how to make menus. With our restaurants’ menu web scraping services you could have maximum information that is appropriate for you as they have an enormous database that is easy-to-use. Hir Infotech offers the Best Restaurant Menu Data Scraping Services for scraping and extracting the restaurant’s menu and location data.


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