VOIP Telephony has been taken to the next milestone. From premise based PBX systems the business world has moved to hosted PBX systems. Shrugging off the drawbacks of premise based systems , hosted PBX technology allows integration of multi-location businesses. Unified communication is now possible. Multiple locations of a single company can now communicate through a single channeling system. No need of maintaining multiple PBX systems on different locations, merging these multi-location systems to a single hosted system unifies & simplifies the communication services.

Softphone Advantage :: Your PC acts as a complete communication center

With the use of only username & password to which connects the employee to the system , his/her PC acts as a complete communication device. With the use of a simple web based tool the user can send/receive make calls & perform other advanced calling featureslike call co. This impeccable functionality extends the usability of a normal system. It substitutes the use of different applications (such as email servers or softwares ) & hardware (such as telephone devices , fax machines).

Asterisk Technology : Core of hosted PBX

Asterisk includes a number of protocols which includes the SIP. Asterisk is a software implementation of a PBX which was formed in 1999 by Mark Spencer of Degium. Using the asterisk many other products have been derived out of it. The Asterisk brings in the features such as IVR , Call distribution , voice mails into action and implementation.

CRM Integration : No need to relocate business database

When a client calls an organization’s call station, this extended feature comes into play. Without the need of running separate CRM applications to get the client’s information, now CRM integration is available on the hosted PBX tool. This improves the employee’s response time hence improving enterprise customer relationship.

Security Essentials Fulfilled :

The lack of security in conventional PBX systems used to hinder the growth of small & big businesses. The hosted PBX systems are fully maintained by the providers which also look into the security aspect of the communication system. The network hence gets completely secured so that the clients or the companies have no burden of maintaining a security department at its premises.

One Dialing Number For All Clients:
The relationship that an enterprise maintains with its clients majorly influences its growth & development. Instead of dialing different extensions or different numbers for different calling locations of the organization’s premises, now the customer just needs to call at one number which gets directed to the required IVR which further directs the client to respective departments. The DID (Direct inward dialing) & the call distribution feature comes into action in this prospect.

Improved Customer Satisfaction :

Customer satisfaction is one aspect of the business which decides its decline or growth .Presence of features like call parking , IVR , greeting calls etc in hosted PBX systems greatly influence customer satisfaction . With the help of recorded greeting calls on occasions such as anniversary or birthdays also improves how the customer feels about the enterprise and its services. The better the client feels about the company’s services, the better business that the company receives. Hence customer satisfaction should be the first priority.

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