I would like to explain to you here how homeopathy can help babies and young children.

Also Why Homeopathy is both safe and effective for treatment of your precious young ones.

Homeopathy has become a popular form of treatment with parents today. It offers parents a safe way to treat their children for common ailments and ill health often accompanied with young ones. Homeopathy elements the fear of side effects and the often problems associated with many orthodox medicines. Due to the safety of homeopathy it can be a part of the general household medicine cupboard.

Homeopathy is an extremely effective way of supporting your child’s immune system. It is also helpful in balancing the brain and nervous system. In young ones as we know all of their systems are new and developing. Homeopathy is a great way of supporting these areas, therefore reducing stress for both parents and the young ones. As for support with eliminating unwanted toxins and chemicals from the body, homeopathy is very effective for supporting the body’s detoxification processes.

Please Note that the following is a helpful guidance for you in choosing Homeopathic medicine for common childhood complaints. If either you find these remedies are not available, at my clinic Julie’s Naturopathic Health Care Services. I have an extensive homeopathic dispensary whereby I can formulate these remedies for you in a liquid form.

However, if you are not confident in following these self-help recommendations then it would be advisable to book a consultation.

It is important if your child’s problems persist or worsen then it is vitally important that you definitely seek further professional health support. Either with your local GP or Naturopathic Clinic immediately.

Coughs and colds
Coughs and colds occur when the immune system is weakened. Homeopathic medicines recommended for these ailments include:

Aconite -One tablet should be given two-hourly for the first day and then one tablet of Ferrum Phosphoricum. These can be purchased sometimes from your local pharmacy or health shop in tablet form. Ferrum phosphoricum should be given daily until the child improves. This prevents the cold moving onto the chest and prevents chest infections.

In Addition:

Bryonia can also help with coughs. Gelsemium is supportive for chest infections.

Kali Mur should be used if the cough is in the child’s chest but they are too weak to cough and so you are desperate to cough for them. In such cases you may find the child does not want to look at anyone else or be touched. They will prefer to be carried around.

Chamomilla is for the young one who is extremely irritable, cranky and cross during teething. They may have a fever and be distraught insisting on being picked up and carried around. However still may not be able to comfort them.

Pulsatilla The child needing Pulsatilla is the opposite of Chamomilla in that they often illicit a more sympathetic, gentle response. When teething they are whingy, weepy and clingy. They may be comforted by slow gentle rocking, being held and comforted.

Calc Carb when teething is slow, difficult and teething starts later than would be expected.

Belladonna is recommended for children with swollen gums and a hot flushed face with wide staring eyes.

Aconite should be given if the child tosses and turns even when asleep.

This is most common in the first three months. Colicky babies tend to pull up their legs to their chin, scream and turn red. The problem is thought to be caused by swallowing air, dehydration, a mum feeling anxious or it may be associated with something Mum has eaten or drunk and is passed on through the breast milk.

Chamomilla is the medicine of choice to treat colicky symptoms whereby the child has green stools, is very irritable and wants to be carried around.
It is also helpful if you give them a cuddle or feed but they may seem not to want this. They seem very difficult to calm down, so gently massaging the child’s back, tummy and abdomen area may help. If the mother is breast feeding you can then take the remedy as well. Also you can drink herbal teas such as chamomile, ginger or peppermint.

Magnesium phosphate will be helpful if a baby or child draws knees up with pain and feels better if the tummy is rubbed.

Colocynth is recommended if the child wants to keep till and screams when moved.

When a child has a fever this is a sure sign that their little body is fighting an infection. Their symptoms will include restlessness, hot skin and a raised temperature.

Aconite is recommended for child who has a fever, is agitated and fearful, or breathing rapidly or sweating.

Belladonna is the recommended medicine when the child has dilated pupils, may be suffering nightmares or delusions. Give the recommended dose every two hours until symptoms improve.

Bryonia is a good remedy when the child wants to be left alone.

Earache often occurs following exposure to draughts and cold, windy weather.

Belladonna is recommended if the child has fever and redness to the face or external ear.

Ferrum phosphoricum if the child has a pale face that flushes easily and sour smell when child burps.

Nappy rash
Nappy rash can occur due to cleaning products used to wash cloth nappies. It is also a reaction to substances contained in urine and faeces. So regular changing of nappies and using calendula crème will help prevent this. Arsenicum album can be given if skin is hot and burning.

When using any of the above mentioned medicines if a specific dose hasn’t been recommended by a Naturopathic or Homeopathic practitioner then strength is usually that of 6x or 6c.

For toddlers crush one pillule between two spoons, add to a small amount of mineral or distilled water and give one teaspoon for a dose. Given two – three times per day or once again as recommended by your Professional Health Support Practitioner.

Homeopathic medicines should be given 20-30 minutes before a feed.

As a Naturopathic Doctor for 26 years, I practice both Homeopathic and Herbal Medicine at my clinic in Hackham whilst providing support with Nutrition

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