Are you envious of those flawless bodies that you spot on the television of your favourite celebs? Do you wish to get one of those for yourself?

In today’s modern world, a toned body is given so much importance that everyone follows the varied health products in the market blindly. Slimming down is the ‘in’ thing now-a-days. But did you ever wonder that the products that are being passed on to the market as low-fat and completely natural are actually so in reality?

Let us do a reality check and see how healthy these healthy foods actually are.

Sugar Alternatives
There are numerous products going around in the market that are being passed off as an alternative to sugar. The most prominent one being honey. But does it really contain lesser amount of glucose than sugar? The fact is that they contain as much amount of glucose as sugar does, and if you are intending to get slimmer depending upon honey than you are so mistaken.

Fresh and Raw Vegetables
One of the biggest misconceptions regarding healthy foods is the intake of fresh and raw vegetables. Eating cooked vegetables is much healthier than having them uncooked. And guess what, it does have its scientific proof as well. Vegetables, when cooked, break down their cell walls and thereby make it easier for the body to absorb its comprising nutrients.

Varied Cereals
Gorging on different cereals at breakfast does help you get slimmer but only if one chooses the ‘right’ cereals. The brand matters a lot when choosing the correct cereals for breakfast. If you choose the flavored cereals or the ones that contain other sugar coated materials, then your health will go for a toss. Beware of the various wrong stuff floating around in the market that is being passed off as low fat or low sugar. In reality, it is just the other way around.

Diet Drinks
Another mammoth misconception people have is regarding the diet drinks. While the varied diet drinks may actually contain lesser calories than the regular ones, they actually get you to put on weight, indirectly. The logic is pretty simple – when your body does not receive the minimum calories it requires, it will start to search for alternatives in some other form. Eventually, it will make you hungry and you will end up eating more to suffice your body’s calorie requirement, and as a result put on extra weight.
So beware of what you eat as not all healthy foods are as healthy as you think or as you are made to believe. Eat healthy, stay fit.

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