Can not hold the urine, can not urine in the toilet, or often have pain when urinating, are you suffering from these problems now? No matter who you are, when having prostatitis, your daily life will surely be affected.

Some people find there are some urinary problems, and they will take some anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics at will. They actually don't know that there is something wrong with the prostate gland. According to statistics, the probability of prostatitis in men aged between 30 and 40 years old is 12%, increasing to 50% in men aged between 40 and 60 years old, and reaching 94% in men aged over 80 years old. Prostatitis has become a difficult problem for middle-aged and elderly men, and it is getting "younger and younger".

If you also happen to be a lover of drinking alcohol, you will face more problems in the prostate gland. Why does drinking alcohol cause so much damage to the prostate gland?

Doctors explain that because the prostate gland is particularly sensitive to alcohol, the higher the blood alcohol level is, the more swollen the prostate gland will become. As the prostate gland swells, it will become larger and put more pressure on the urethra. In this rate, it will be harder to urinate, accompanied by endless urination and painful urination. One of the scariest things is the acute urinary retention when the enlarged prostate gland completely depresses the urethra.

At the same time, the prostate gland in the stimulation of alcohol will make local capillaries expand rapidly, leading to prostatic congestion and urethral encroachment. The bacteria in the urine can then enter the prostate gland, causing bacterial prostatitis and urinary tract infection. This is also why many people will feel pain in the bladder, perineum and anus after drinking too much alcohol.

Therefore, avoiding drinking alcohol is needed for all patients with prostatitis. What’s more, there are some other bad habits that can do as many harms as the alcohol to the prostate gland, such as smoking, eating spicy, cold, raw, greasy and stimulating food. Furthermore, sitting for too long and holding urine too often can also give rise to prostatitis over time.

Giving up on these bad habits is the first step you need to do, while keeping some good habits is also necessary, such as doing more exercise in daily life, eating more healthy nutrients, drinking more water, keeping a positive mindset always and so on.

More importantly, it is always suggested that you should get treated in time when you realize that you do have prostatitis. Delayed treatment will cost you a lot, not just the medical charges, but also your time, spirit, confidence, and patience. As for the treatment of acute prostatitis, chemical drugs can help you. When it turns into a chronic one, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has the great effect on terminating inflammation and relieving painful symptoms. It has no side effects and can greatly tone up the prostate health.

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