Though still in its ‘infancy’ stage, Google voice assistant can make a great addition to your existing or new app. It offers incredible benefits to the users and a mobile development agency can help integrate it into your app. Here are some advantages when you consider it.

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The Rise of Google Assistant

It is anticipated that in the near future the number of devices running Google Voice Assistant will be a lot more than mobiles running other virtual assistants. This makes it a great option to introduce it to your customers on your new or already existing app.

Why Your Business Should Adopt Google Voice Assistant Service

Functional Everywhere

The most promising factor of Google Assistant is that it is functional everywhere. Literally, all devices ranging from TVs, game streamers, cars and many more are compatible with the Assistant feature. Given the evolution of IoT (Internet of Things), it can be a smart factor to consider right at the design stage of your business app to better serve your customers.

Talks in 30 Languages and Available in 80 Countries

The Assistant is available in80 countries and supports up to 30 languages, hence covering the natives of all the countries. This is a promising feature to businesses since it is a rare advancement to competitors in the same field. If you have a global business or intend to expand your company in the near future, then it makes all the more sense to integrate this feature into your app.

The Assistant is Proactive

The Assistant is powered with capabilities to do analysis and offer predictive recommendations. This takes AI aspect of it to the next level and your business could offer services right on the app right before the user asks for it.

A Wide Range of Devices are Controlled by the Assistant

In the case of either home or office, the assistant can control a variety of devices. Lighting, switches, hubs and more devices can all be controlled by the Assistant. If your business revolves around this aspect, then you can integrate it to stay ahead of your competitors.

Allows Routine Creation

The Assistant is flexible to allow the user to save a custom routine. A user may enter it to enable the Assistant to perform a number of tasks. For example, at home, a user may say ‘travel home’ and the app coming up suggests traveling booking. So the options are limitless when it comes to customizing it for your unique business app.

Enables Purchasing of Products

The Assistant adds functionality in mobile apps that have the feature of product purchasing. This makes it possible for end users to use the Assistant to add products to their cart for purchasing.

Makes Phone Calls

The Assistant feature for your business app allows your users to make calls. Additions made to the Assistant will see it developing into full-length conversation support.

Cases Where Google Assistant can Help Grow Your Business

Increased Visibility

With the fact that the Assistant is available in 80 countries and supporting 30 native languages, you don't have to second guess the higher levels it can take your business to.

Automated Answers to Users

The technology included in the Assistant enables it to give automated replies to user’s questions, this would be more involving and tiresome were it not for the assistant. So if you are more into the service industry, then including Google Assistant in your app can make the job a lot easier on the go.

Virtually Everywhere

With the compatibility feature available for an extensive range of devices and availability in many nations steps up the availability of your services or rather your business brand to reach millions locally and globally.

The rise and impact of the Assistant on businesses prove it to be a good move to integrate it into your app. Before setting up the Assistant, consider seeking advice from mobile development agency for detailed support which will take your business to the next level.

It is time you gave your business a new voice and be where your customers are on the go by taking advantage of Google Voice Assistant for your app!

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