Google Merchant Center is a tool offered by Google to help vendors all over the world to sell their products online. Vendors can easily upload their product data and advertise their online and in-store inventory. It also allows you to edit it anytime you want to update any feature or price as per your convenience.

You can easily link your Google AdWords and Merchant Center accounts to promote your products directly to all Google users through Shopping ads.

What do vendors Gain by Joining Google Merchant Center?

➔ It allows promoting your products to people looking up for products on every Google service which increases your online visibility and will attract more buyers for your goods.

➔ You can easily control how your products will appear online as Google Merchant Center allows you to edit it any time you want.

➔ Google lists your products online and showcases your online and in-store inventory with pictures which makes you stand out from the crowd among the other text ads.

➔ You get a huge audience exposure as Google is a giant in itself and it has a huge user-base. You get such a huge market at a relatively low cost which is an added advantage for you.

➔ It allows you to Set up dynamic remarketing campaigns with the use of Google Shopping and Google Adwords which levels up your marketing game.

➔ Special tags can be integrated for each of your products using Google Adwords.

➔ It also integrates your start ratings and reviews with your products list which intensifies your social proof.

➔ Shoppers are directed to your own online store or in-store addresses once they click on your product list.

➔ It also facilitates local search integration and they redirect users to your in-store address based on your geographical location.


1. Verify and claim your URL
2. upload complete periodic data about your business and Products
3. Design shopping campaigns in AdWords

Joining Google merchant center can take your business to unimaginable heights as we all know if it’s not on Google it hardly makes any difference on the internet. Embrace the opportunities this Gaint of a business offers and increase your revenues by tenfold.

Author's Bio: 

Pallavi D. patel is the senior content writer for ecommerce and hospitality industry.