Now it is almost clear that Indian apparel exporters will have at least 25 to 30 per cent fewer orders in the rest of the months of 2020. So, their marketing efforts need to enhance which require more investments. But at the same time, owing to a huge pressure on business, it is not possible or even viable to fill extra fuel for marketing initiatives. This scenario is critical for small exporters who earlier used to take part in some sourcing fairs as
their main marketing strategy. So now, what are the efforts they are making to market themselves, especially to add new buyers, as existing buyers always remain in touch?

To discover new buyers, exporters are buying data of buyers, doing extensive online research and approaching various trade bodies in India as well as abroad. Approaching buyers with whom business could not take place earlier is also a major task for many exporters.

Zoom meetings and other similar tools are also very common among various exporters, but as far as exploring new clients is concerned, exporters are hardly getting any success. However, the Federation of Buying Agents (FBA) has used such online meeting platforms very well, connecting with many buyers, buying houses and apparel exporters on a regular basis.

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