When someone we know, maybe even love has died it is natural for people to experience grief. It is vital that people also understand that how that grief takes form, how long it lasts, and how it impacts you is completely different from one circumstance to another, and from one person to another. It is very personal. If you feel like you are struggling, or just need help through the process, one option is to find a grief recovery therapist in Wall NJ or one local to you.

Breaking the myths and opinions about grief

As mentioned there is still a lot of stigma and misconceptions and myths surrounding grief and loss. The idea is that all a person needs is time, that the longer it has been the better you will feel, or that you can just step through the 5 stages and then you are ‘better’. But such ideas can actually slow down the process of dealing with the pain and many supposedly helpful books are not helping at all. As a society, we need to move past that into acknowledging grief in all its forms.

Seeking support

The best way to handle grief and loss is with a grief and loss therapist in Wall NJ. With professional support, a person can access the information and direction they need while managing the grief and being able to get by with their day-to-day lives. The two most common forms of help families will look for are counseling and therapy. The former is if they are managing but need some help, the latter if they are not coping and are overwhelmed with grief. Other places a person might seek and receive support or with grief message boards online, where you can connect with others who have experienced loss themselves and you can talk freely about things.

How funeral directors can help

As a funeral director, you will have to wear a number of hats in order to get a lot of important things done over a short period of time. One of the difficulties is getting decisions made when families are grieving and finding it hard to plan. Sometimes they might make a decision in the office or on the phone but then change their minds and then things are held up. Some might even expect some kind of emotional support from the funeral director to help them. This is where having some recommendations for them to consider can help, both the funeral director and the people grieving. Suggesting a grief recovery therapist in Wall NJ gives them a better degree of support than a funeral director can offer and can help bridge things and get decisions made.


When you have gone through a loss, whether of someone very close to you or someone you might have been close to but it has impacted you more than you were expecting, you need to seek support. Looking for a grief and loss therapist in Wall NJ is an excellent idea.

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis.