Running a business is not an easy task. From bygone to modern era, entrepreneurs make efforts to get success in their business. When the sales are done, the money received from the sales are spend in the manufacturing of new products. The products are delivered to distant places with the help of carrier trucks. In this current time, three companies are famous which provide carrier services. for example, UPS, DHL and FedEx.

When the parcel is delivered to the customer’s location, the carrier loaders send the freight invoices to the companies automatically. The bills are so much high that they can take many of the percentages of company’s earning.

At this situation, shipping audit can be done by taking assistance of Freight audit companies like Betachon in United States. The freight auditors negotiate with carrier trucks and reduce the bills. They use specific and advanced audit tools to decrease the freight invoice in a logical way.

Services offered by Betachon.

  1. Betachon helps their clients to save thousands of dollars on the shipping cost. They deeply analyze and make the inspection report by considering all the important points.
  2. They have advanced software and well-experienced logistical team to provide the results in less time in comparison to other audit service providers.
  3. To get their services, you have to make an account in their website. The account can be made free and one can cancel their services after a month.
  4. The best thing about Betachon is that they do not take any money. If you would be able to save money from your shipping costs, only then you have to pay them.
  5. They also help you to understand your shipping graph in which they provide you analyzed past records of your shipping spends.
  6. You can track your parcel and get the record on your dashboard.

Their services are exceptional and unique as compared to other freight auditors for parcel audit. They do not take any upfront cost, extra charges and monthly fee for their services.

The invoice inaccuracies and invalid charges can be corrected by parcel audit. If you hire freight audit company to recognize the errors in their present and past bills, you could know that how much you have lost by giving thousands of bucks to the shippers. Freight companies assist the manufacturers to provide competitive advantage and deciding the correct business strategies.

Betachon have strong links with carrier companies such as FedEx, UPS and DHL so that they can negotiate with them while any product supplier needs to correct and reduce the freight invoices. They serve for domestic as well as international shipping from to deliver the parcel from starting to end point.

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