We are living in various mobile app technologies, where the market for mobile application is highly dynamic and growing at a rapid pace. So, the concept of cross platform mobile app development has revolutionized the app development process for business as well as for developers. However, in this blog, we will see Google’s latest sensation flutter, which has made the cross platform app development faster and more efficient. Therefore, the app built with flutter will help to gives the Native like experience without compromising on the speed of the development.

What is Flutter?
Flutter is mainly mobile app software development kit which is introduced in 2018 by Google, and it is considered as one of the most efficient tools to help developers as well as designers to develop modern mobile applications for Android and IOS. The modern reactive framework enables us to build the powerful UI with animations, shared codebase, and views over IOS and Android platforms as this makes the development process easier, development costs at minimal and rapid deployment. Nevertheless, flutter is built with C, C++, Dart and Skia Graphics Engine and as the most beautiful part is that all released code is compiled in native code without interpreter involved, so if you are familiar with the performance drawbacks of hybrid frameworks, then you can easily say that the flutters compile the fastest code like a pure native performance. Below are the given why flutter is important for cross platform development:

Single Code for Multiple Platforms
Developers those who are using Flutter they need to code only once and can use it on both Android as well as iOS platforms. However, it is possible because this tool has special widgets and unique design, which make it capable of developing the same mobile app to serve the different platforms. Besides, this also helps to give the foundation for the development of Goggle’s Fuchsia, which is an all-new operating system under construction.

Documentation makes it favorite platform among developers as it is neat and simple in nature, which does not need developers to put extra effort into learning the language. Besides, the documentation is well organized and encompasses exclusive information and tools for cross platform development.

Provide faster App development
Designing and developing go parallel because sometimes it happens that the designer made design for one page, but when it comes for developing the output it is a bit different than the design due to some framework inability, but flutter excels in it. Flutter also has a feature called hot reload which help the developer to check the output, so that developers can change instantly the things which are not appropriate. Besides, it is also a way to begin coordination between developers as well as designers. Moreover, hot reload prevents mobile app builder from making modification right from scratch every time they make a changes, and it is mostly because Flutter works on the principle of Dart which is nothing but an Object-oriented programming language.

Impressive Widgets
Flutter comes with a comprehensive library of a variety of natural-looking widgets, where these widgets are fast as well as customizable in accordance with the client’s specific requirements. However, they can also be incorporated into various platforms and layouts to make the highly portable as well as responsive mobile applications.

Receptive Frameworks
Flutter mainly known for its building complex APIs’ of a user interface in a simple manner due to its advanced receptive system because its establishment widgets and rich formats help developers to create 2D UI animation and gesture in hassle free manner. However, flutter is a futuristic cross platform development tools that are mainly built to make high end mobile apps for android and iOS to suit specific business requirements.

Enable lesser coding
Dart programming language used in flutter is object oriented, which is also strongly typed, as JS Bridge is not necessary for flutter to increase the overall performance as well as the starting time of the app. In addition to that ahead of time compilation also helps to makes it possible for a dart to active it as dart mostly utilizes just in time compilation, which can help to enhance development workflow.

So, in the end, Flutter has entered into the cross platform app development race with its unparalleled features for better mobile application development
. As flutter looks like native mobile apps, so flutter engine is designed to support Google future operating system so that we can assume that flutter will have a bright future. However, it also depends upon the companies which cross mobile platform app development framework to use as per the project requirement, but Flutter is arising as a strong option.

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