Career lulls can be some of the worst things to face. They make you feel inadequate, lost and can really damage your self esteem over a long period. This is something that we should be fighting against tooth and claw.

There are plenty of ways to do this; some of which are better than others. But, most people agree that adding some form of exercise into your routine can be a great way to ensure that your career stagnation ends sooner rather than later.

With that in mind, how can a good exercise routine help to make your career flourish that little bit more?

Improves Efficiency

This is not only a benefit that is good for your employer, but good for you too. As the more efficient and good at your job you are, the more likely you will receive promotions and special recognition when the time comes.

How does it make you more efficient? Well, studies show that as little as two hours of exercise a week can help you to become much more energised - resulting in better focus and attention whilst at work. This is because of the increased blood flow to your brain that occurs during the exercise.

Concentration is critical to efficiency, so being able to concentrate better is a great way to keep get yourself back on track when it comes to work.

Lowers Stress

Work is stressful, it’s a fact of life. Removing that stress is an important aspect of having a healthy work/life balance, and exercise is one of the most efficient ways to do so. The mood-enhancing chemicals released during exercise don’t remove the stress, but they do make you feel better and make your more equipped to deal with the stress.

Of course, removing all the stress from your daily life is a big ask. But regular exercise can at least reduce it by half - which is as good a statistic as any!

Prevents Illness

A body that exercises is also one that is less susceptible to illness, fact. Career aspirations are all well and good, but they can mean nothing if you are constantly spending days off as a result of ill health and random bouts of sickness. Exercise on a regular basis can make this a thing of the past.
Also, sick days not only badly affect your work progression but the amount of money that you can earn whilst at work. Sick days are generally unpaid, or at least after a certain point, so they can hit you hard in the wallet.

Exercise Breaks Creative Blocks

Have you ever had writer's block? Or you have a great idea, but can’t quite work out how to make it a viable enterprise? Exercise can be one of the best ways to break yourself out of such a rutt. Getting up and going, rather than sitting still and worrying over a problem is often the best solution to such a problem.

Overall, exercise can help you to get ahead in your career by making you a much healthier person. The health benefits of exercise are great for your motivation, mental health and ultimately this has a big impact on your day to day career life.

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Zack Halliwell is a freelance writer in the business niche, giving advice on anything from how to work smarter to obtaining the right muscle fit hoodie for you.