Just like exercise is good for your body, so it is for your business. There are daily demands every business owner faces, and without a strong, solid foundation and good reserves on hand for those inevitable emergencies, you can find both you and your bottom line sidelined at the most inopportune times.

Build muscle every day. Make sure the foundational basics are covered. Is all of your paperwork and tasks ready and at hand so you don't have to go in search of anything? Are you prepared for any client meetings or calls? Is there enough money in petty cash? Do you leave enough time for travel and meals in between everything else you need to do? These basics, like lifting weights, are essential to keeping your business muscles in fine form and ready to be flexed at any time.

Walk, don't run. When things get a little overwhelming, do you automatically move faster? Usually what happens when we do this, is we end up putting in twice as much effort for half the results, essentially spinning our wheels. And the more we try to get on top of things that are getting out of hand, the more they seem to slip through our fingers. Stop, slow down, and assess the situation. Is there a simpler way to meet the demands, like removing some task or engagement or having someone else do them for you? Remember that your customer comes first, so if you sound harried or distracted when you're talking to them, you're in danger of compromising that relationship. Clear the decks and get control!

Raise the bar. No matter how your business is structured, there is always room for improvement. When was the last time you took a good look at how you run your business internally? Is there some procedure or process that could be done more efficiently? Are there some employees or vendors who are being under-utilized, or is it time to let someone go? Are you still doing tasks that are not your strong suit? It's always a good idea to do an internal review every couple of months or so, no matter the size of your business.

Remember to play. All too often, as women business owners, we are so serious about what we do, we forget to have fun. Sure, doing business is serious stuff. It's our livelihood, but that doesn't mean we can let our hair down when and where appropriate. Most people appreciate a sense of humor, whether client or employee. You don't have to go as far as having your team play baseball or telling your client jokes, just lighten up the emotional atmosphere, and you'll find it will enhance all of your working relationships - and most likely improve your bottom line in the process!

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Karen Keller, Ph. D., creator of The Influence It! program, is the first Influence Specialist for women. Unlike other psychologists, Karen is also a Master Certified Coach and the only modern-day teacher of Influence as a way of inner thinking and being…then ultimately doing for having more of what you (really) want. Karen is publisher of Influence It! Real POWER for Women, The Web's #1 Resource for the Influential Woman's Journey, and the blog Influence By Design, where she shares insights and leading-edge information for the influential woman on the go.

Her newest offering is The Working Woman’s Coaching Membership, a coaching program for women who desire to uncover (and use) their true influence power, which can be found at www.karen-keller.com Karen is a contributing author to, “Stepping Stones to Success: Experts Share Strategies For Mastering Business, Life & Relationships” with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, and Denis Waitley which is in bookstores this summer. Join Karen as she shares the latest proven strategies for a balanced take-charge life!