How fit are you for life challenges is always the question to be pondered over all the time by any reasonable person except if one is not oblivious of the fact that it is not a matter of roses or bush of thorns no matter how you may look at it. We must be quite aware of the fact that life is a battle ground where you fight to survive and survive to fight and that is the reason for the common adage that says he who fights and runs away always live to fight another day.

In essence, success to your destination in life is quite dependent on the number of challenges you are able to overcome and the number of enemies you are able to conquer on your way while fighting the battle for existence. It is quite an inevitable fact and whether you want to agree or not, you are all the time engaged in one battle or another with many enemies that are always pains in your neck.

It stands to reason that no matter how gentle, kind and meek you are the tendency is usually there and there is no way you can run away from fierce or mild opposition particularly if you are on a life changing platform either for yourself or your immediate and remote community. You should equally be mindful of the fact that life has never been a smooth ride vehicle and getting ready to face the obstacles with diligence is what you must embrace with all wisdom at your command.

That you will never face a challenge is a mere wishful thinking so you should never ask God for that if you are a strong believer in the Supreme Being therefore your prayer should be for the divine grace to face and win every battle that comes your way. It is quite apparent that the problems we face and the challenge we overcome day in day out are good preparations for the inevitable experiences we must acquire for the fulfillment of our destiny on this side of the great divide.

Obviously, there are three facts you must know if you are to seriously fight, win and conquer the enemies during your journey through life.

1. Clear picture of your future.
The future you do not see, know or prepared for will never come the way you want it so you should be very clear of the kind of life you intend to lead. Never allow unwarranted situation and circumstances control your destiny but compel them to do your bidding. Do your best to conquer them and never look hopeless whatever the case may be.

2. Be ready to face the challenge:
Nothing good in life comes easy so you should be ready to fight anything and everything that may stand, derail, deceive or delay you on your way to success. Avowed enemies within for some people are negative attitude, bad habit, evil desire, laziness to mention just a few. Also for some can be mentioned bad companies, wrong association, destructive tendencies, unwholesome practices and other inhuman vices.

3. Aiming at victory:
Whatever the case may be and whether the tide is tough or rough, never be discouraged at any point but be mindful of the fact that life is not a win-win matter all the time. If you lose today that does not mean that with extra care and strong determination you cannot win tomorrow

It is always good to bear it in mind that if you prepare your bed very well you will have a sound sleep on it and how fit you can be to face life changes will no longer be too much a bother to you.

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