A lot of people are on the lookout for alternative forms of medicine and chiropractic medicine is increasingly becoming their choice. Fed Way chiro are on this line of medicine and are rising in popularity. They are providing the best solution for people who want an alternative form of medicine for various illnesses. This profession was born out of a philosophy of spiritualism, vitality and ritualism.

These professionals are holders of degrees from recognized special schools and their services are covered by health insurance policies. It is their belief that the vertebrae of the spinal column are pulled out of alignment by the various activities that we do on a daily basis. This misalignment is the main cause of various mental and physical disorders that we as human beings suffer from.

The solution for these problems is to put back in place the misaligned vertebrae which can only be done manually using their hands. They often hold open free clinics during which they examine the vertebral column among members of the public and make recommendations. The aim of this exercise is to attract customers to their practice.

The methods used by these professionals to make diagnosis are at times heavily criticized as unprofessional. Some people argue that most human beings have differing weights on either sides of their bodies but this is not an indicator of ill health. This is one among other reasons that the media and other professional bodies constantly put them on the defense of their profession.

It is not clear exactly where the chiropractic medicine falls whether it is more of real medicine or physical therapy and this has led it to be lost somewhere in the middle. The translation of this term chiropractic means through the hands and thus it is why the treatment is basically a hand job where the vertebrae are realigned.

This is also another point that their critics use to attack them. They hold the opinion that manual realignment of the vertebra may end up causing the permanent damage to the health of an individual thus losing the whole point of this therapy. The pop that is heard and assumed to be the sound of the vertebra snapping back into place is actually the sound of air that has accumulated inside the cartilage inside the joints escaping.

In their defense, the practitioners point out that the conventional forms of treatment are dangerous to the health of patients through the ingestion of chemicals and surgical procedures. They argue that accidents are bound to happen and they have been proved right constantly by the increasing number of deaths during surgery.

Practitioners in this field justify their profession by stating that their patients benefit from the long term effects of their treatment rather than the effect of one occasional visit to a doctor. They also claim that the resetting of the spinal and neck vertebra is just like the deep tissue massages offered in spas and is therefore totally harmless. The fact that their services are also covered by most insurance companies also means that they are a recognized profession.

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