How Far Can We Go With The Power of Thought?

Do you have to understand the science of electricity, electrons and protons, in order to turn on the lights in your room, your TV or computer? Click the button, throw the switch, or wave your hand, right?

If the public had to pass a test on how the internal combustion engine turns gas into driving, our highways would be huge parking lots, true?

What Do You Make of These Scientific Statements

1. “Matter does not exist – it is all vibrational frequencies.”

2. “All physical matter is a result of frequency. It is ‘sound’ that turns energy and matter into

3. “If you amplify the frequency, the structure of matter changes by how we think and feel.”

4. “The substance of the universe is ‘consciousness’, so behavior is everything.”

5. “In the Beginning was the Word (sound).” Every organ in our body resonates in a specific frequency.”

6. “Stress (distress) affects the vibrational frequency of our body, including our heartbeat.”

After reading 1-6 twice, I would rather drink a Diet Pepsi. It is over my head, but that doesn’t mean these scientific statements are not truth. What is the practical value of understanding the Power of Thought?

Scientists Prove You Can Steer Your Car With the Power of Thought

Maybe it will help the disabled drive to work, or the rest of us to use our cell phones when driving or hold a conversation with our passenger without paying attention to traffic. The CEO at IBM could not see the benefits in manufacturing personal computers because he thought the market was non-existent. Let’s wait to discover the benefits of steering your car with your mind, using good old thinking.

Freie Universitat, at Berlin 2.21.11

Using off-the-shelf sensors, the folks at AutoNOMOS laboratories can use our brainwaves (EEG) for four (4) control commands: left-right-accelerate-brake, to successful drive a car with their thoughts.
I have trouble driving a car the old-fashioned way, so I’m interested.

This may be the next big-thing. Remember when no one owned a personal computer? There is more.
It is controlled by an interface between our bioelectric wave patterns and this computer-controlled vehicle. The computer was programmed to interpret human brainwaves for “left-right-accelerate-brake.” That covers “Please don’t run down that dog in the street, or those two pedestrians.”

The computer scientists connected the car’s steering, accelerator and brakes to the sixteen sensors monitoring our Electroencephalogram (EEG). So what? The driver could influence the car movements using only their thoughts. Did you know our electro-magnetic brain produces Beta-Alpha-Theta-Delta brainwave patterns, each operating at different cycles per second? Google: Dr. Hans Berger, and EEG.

So What

According to Professor Raul Rojas, “the drivers wearing the EEG sensors had no problem controlling their cars. Even when the car was on auto-pilot (second test), the drivers successfully determined the direction to take when it was stopped at the intersections.” Next, may be the “hybrid” autonomous motor vehicle, people working in conjunction with your vehicle.

Check-out this short video to see the Power-of-Thought experiment.


Since Quantum Physics was introduced in 1900 by Max Planck, and Einstein took it the next level, we
know that Mind and Physical Matter are connected. When we (humans) observe reality, we
change reality. You can have Particles or Waves, but not both at the same time. How do we change
reality? Answer: The Power of our thoughts (consciousness).

Hard to believe even though it has been scientific fact for over a century. Our existence and thoughts
(the power of thought) control matter. So What? Wait and see how we control matter in the future.

Brainwave Vibrational Technique

Would you take five-minutes out of your day to defeat stress, anxiety and worry? How it works is not
relevant, just that doing these baby-easy exercises (at your desk) must be experienced to be believed.
You can view these movements on YouTube, or check out the video at

What is Required

The objective is to move your head around your brainstem and enhance the blood supply and oxygen
to your PreFrontal Cortex, our executive brain. More brain power, better thinking and creativity,

Close your eyes, and silently repeat the mantra OHM, with each deep (diaphragmatic) breath.

1. Move your head side-to-side, mentally say and hear OHM, and take a deep breath. Make the “no” movements - eight-times.

2. Move your head up-and-down, while mentally saying and hearing OHM, and take a deep breath. Make the ‘yes’ movement – eight-times.

3. Tilt your head side-to-side, while mentally repeating your mantra OHM, and take a deep breath. Tilt back-and-forth eight-times.

4. Make eight circling movements with your head. Simultaneously repeat OHM, and take a deep breath.

5. Patting the crown of your left-head, while moving your head side-to-side. Repeat your Mantra and deep breathe eight-times.

6. Move your head up-and-down, while simultaneously tapping your collarbone and move your hands down to your hips. Repeat OHM and deep breathe eight-times.

7. Cross your arms over your chest, and move your head side-to-side eight-times. No OHM,
But deep breathe.

8. Move your head up-and-down, right-hand on back of your head and push forward gently.
Eight-times. Deep Breathe.

9. Move your head side-to-side, while simultaneously tapping both sides of your collar bone.
Eight-times and deep breathe. Now see the video, and try your own mind-experiment.

Did you know that your three-pound coconut requires 25% of the oxygen in-take for your entire body? The greater supply of oxygen to your brain, the better your critical thinking and planning.
See ya,
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