How Emmersive Entertainment Is Disrupting Things in the Art World

Emmersive Entertainment

Many art fans and collectors have dreamt of owning a unique piece from their favorite artist. However, cost and availability may have made that hard in the past. Today, technology has made that possible, as Emmersive Entertainment proves.


Emmersive Entertainment is a fan and NFT collector platform for streaming music and street art. The team comprises dreamers, creators, and innovators with many years of experience in the entertainment and art industries.


Emmersive has been disrupting how things are done in these industries over the last few months through its platform. Founders Flo Rida, Erik “E Smooth” Hicks, and David J Kovacs were looking for a way of empowering artists, and that’s how the company was born.

As NFT usage gained popularity, the team knew they could take advantage of the growth in the space to make life easier for artists and their fans. Using their digital platform, they could create communities where artists could interact with their fans and make money in the process.


The company’s first big success came from artist Tory Lanez. His When It's Dark was the first-ever A-List NFT platinum album sold anywhere. It sold out 1 min after it was released on Emmersive also streamed the first-ever NFT movie soundtrack.


For artists like Tory, Emmersive provides two major benefits. First, they get to make money from the initial sale of their NFT. If the fan wants to resell their rights in the future, the artist will still get a part of the money. Second, the artist gets a chance to interact directly with their fan base.


Fans benefit in more ways. Firstly, they get to own a unique piece of art or collectible from their favorite star or artist. They can also interact with the artist directly and get to know them better.


Secondly, they can resell their rights to the NFT and make money from it in the process. Since When It's Dark was initially released, it has been resold hundreds of thousands of times, and many fans have benefitted from that.


Third, Emmersive has made art accessibility more affordable to more fans. Unlike other platforms in the industry, it has lowered the price point and affordability. Fans can purchase art for as low as $1. Even better, they can purchase the art by credit card. Emmersive Entertainment says that 80% of its current sales has been through cards. 


The team at Emmersive says that E-NFT is the future of the industry, and they are working hard to maintain their position as the market leader. For artists looking for a trusted public company within this new space, there are several reasons why Emmersive is the best.


One, the company conducts periodic audits on its system to ensure it stays ahead of any challenges that may arise. Two, there is guaranteed transactional integrity because all transactions are conducted on a public blockchain. Three, there is a dedicated customer service team ready to deal with all customer needs.


Additionally, Emmersive is investing in new tech for the future. The industry is growing by the day, and the team wants to stay ahead to help both creators and their fans enjoy art.


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