The world has witnessed a major surge in substance abuse and drug consumption over the past few years. It started before COVID-19 and it keeps growing at a rapid pace. Research shows that around 210 million people in the world are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and other substances. People don’t develop this addiction without any reason. It is either a traumatic experience that makes them vulnerable to such issues or a disaster that might cause substance abuse.
COVID-19 has been another major pandemic that has affected the emotional, physical, and mental health of a large number of people around the world. Research shows that COVID-19 could have adverse effects on people suffering from substance abuse. The pandemic closed all businesses, schools, and other industries.

This was the reason why people started consuming tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and other substances to cope with anxiety and other mental health issues. The virus has already wreaked havoc in the world, and especially the new strains that seem to be spreading at a rapid rate. If that isn’t bad enough, people have started to take drugs to deal with the anxiety, stress, and depression caused by the COVID-19.

The Increasing Use of Drugs

Surveys and research have shown that the wide-spreading coronavirus has a significant impact on substance use. As mentioned earlier, people have lost jobs, friends, and families to this contagious disease. Every country is taking important measures to control the fast-spreading virus. There are millions of workers that have lost their jobs due to the manufacturing firms and other major industries closing during the pandemic.
Surprisingly, it isn’t only the employees that have become drug addicts, but people suffering from boredom and the stress of isolation have also started taking drugs as the temporary solution to fight mental health issues. The clear evidence of the increased rate of substance abuse is the high demand for alcohol. Many people have considered getting anxiety treatment in Pune to recover from the anxiety that occurs due to COVID-19.

Overcoming the Addiction

It takes a lot more than the willpower to get over addiction. Sobriety seems quite challenging when you are addicted to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other harmful substances. It creates powerful cravings in your body, making it super difficult for you to handle the addiction. However, recovery from the addiction isn’t that challenging. If addiction co-exists with depression or other mental health disorders, you may have to get depression treatment in Pune to recover from the issue. The first step to treating addiction is realizing the issue and deciding to embrace a change.

If you have tried all possible remedies and medications, but are still struggling with substance abuse, consider joining the rehabilitation centers for addiction. That’s your last resort to overcome drug addiction. Calida Rehab center in Pune is your one-stop rehabilitation center for all kinds of mental health treatments, including addiction. Contact the rehab center and discuss your problem with a professional!

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