E-Cigarettes or Electronic cigarettes is a battery-powered vaporizer, which fakes smoking while providing some of the less harmful behavioral aspects of it – though the vaper (one who smokes an e-cig) indulges in the hand-to-mouth action of smoking, he doesn’t inhale tobacco.
E-cigarettes are available in different forms – though some look like traditional cigarettes, you will also get many varieties in it. Some of these can be reused, and you also get liquid e-cigarettes.

Advent of E-Cigarettes

It's a nascent industry that started gaining prominence in 2010. And though the introduction of electronic cigarettes has raised some hope in the hearts of the health experts, the rising number of teenagers vaping has again put a question on e-cigarettes too.

When it comes to vapers, there are a lot of different debates going around all over the world on the benefits of vaping and its health hazards. There are some, who say that it is as bad as smoking, and then are others who argue that it helps to quit smoking. But, one thing is for sure that it is not as harmful as smoking. Both deliver nicotine, but when you smoke a cigarette, you inhale the smoke, which is caused by the burning of tobacco – and it’s really harmful.

Loads of options

On the other hand, vaping liquid generally contains flavors along with vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. And it has the option of nicotine. So, nicotine is not the only constituent of e-cigarettes! Some brands of E cigarettes in NZ are made of the best quality of e-juice and are ISO 7 certified. These flavors are not only regulated under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, but the level of nicotine also varies in different e-cigs.

Health impacts

It might be the number of options available in the market that grabs the attention of the teenagers, or it might be because of the full range of flavors that do not leave the lingering smell of tobacco in the mouth.

To reduce the health impacts, the tobacco companies are now developing devices that do not burn tobacco but heats it. And when it comes to vaping devices, they are also designed in such a manner, that they do not burn the liquid that may or may not contain nicotine, but heat it. Being in the nascent stage, the risk of factors of vaping is yet not researched well, and health practitioners are trying to understand the impacts of the same on the human body.

To Conclude

Experts do not promote vaping, but most agree to the fact that it can help a smoker to quit smoking and live a healthier life. They hope that when a vaper can get out of the habit of smoking entirely, he should try and restrict e-cigarettes too.

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