Life is a series of Events.

How you experience each Event determines the quality of your life.

Your mental models (programs) determine your thinking, emotions and perceptions.

Perception determines how you experience each Event.

Your emotions and actions are determined by your perceptions.


You have two choices.
• Allow your programs to determine your choices
• Quiet your mind and take charge of managing your programs so that you can choose to Act rather than React.

The control of your emotions and reactions rests entirely with you, not the situation, not the other people and not your own thoughts

You can experience
• Anger
• Sadness
• Negative emotions

Or you can experience
Happiness, laughter
• Positive emotions

It’s your choice

• You can react from your programming
• Or choose to act from your free will

You can’t always change the situation but you can choose how you deal with it


It’s about Whole Brain thinking

When your programs are in charge it is equivalent to being partially blind,

You are experiencing only a slice of reality

Expectations, demands, opinions, judgements, fears, envy, comparison (ie your baggage) obstruct and prevent your brain from experiencing what is really happening.

If your mind is quiet you will observe the event or situation without your baggage blocking your view of reality as it is.

Your brain will be free of its baggage and therefore able to present you with all available options and choose the best option that will result in the best result.

The bottom line is for you to quiet your mind so that you free your brain to perform at its optimal capacity.

You have this wonderful brain.

Why not learn to use it to enable you to live a happy, successful life.

Use M.T.M to find a creative solution

If your mind is quiet your Mindful Energy will observe the event or situation, including all options available, and choose the best options that will result in the best outcome.

You get emotionally upset after the action has occurred.

It’s not logical to get upset because the event has already occurred. However, your prior conditioning has set you up to get upset.

You can, however, choose to handle the situation from this point on with a clear quiet mind.


The question you need to ask yourself is:

• Do I want to experience reality as it is?
• Or my own illusionary interpretation of reality?

If you choose your own illusionary interpretation then you are setting yourself up for the stress and conflict that occurs when your mental models do not match up with reality.

If you observe the event non-judgementally without brining any baggage or interference then you can enjoy whatever is happening and with the ability to handle and optimise any situation with a clear mind.

Conflict occurs when your mental models do no match up with reality. Being angry or upset will not handle the situation


Is your experience created by outside events or how you choose to perceive them?


Your mind is creating your experience usually based upon your existing programming.
• What is taking place outside does not create your experience
• What other people say or do does not create your experience

You can experience being boxed in by your programs or the freedom of living outside of the box

You cannot control how another person will act but you can control how you act:

• Do you want to react through the filter of your programs?
• Do you want to exercise your freewill and free yourself from your programs?
• Do you want to act as a robot?

You have the choice of being a robot or exercising your free will and getting off the conveyor belt.

You do not have control over outside events but you can control how you experience these events

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Author's Bio: 

Murray has been a very successful businessman for over fifty years. He has spent the past forty years in the study and practice of meditation, consciousness and Eastern philosophy, beginning with Transcendental Meditation.

Extensive studies in meditation, consciousness and Eastern philosophies have taken place through workshops and seminars led by Ken Keyes, Jr., Jean Houston and master teachers from the Vipassana Meditation practice, Kripalu Yoga, Omega Institute, Princeton University, Silva Mind Control and Reiki training sessions.

In addition, Cohen is an avid practitioner, practice leader and researcher of QiGong and Tai Chi and studied with Roger Jahnke, O.M.D. at the Institute of Integral QiGong and Tai Chi.

Murray’s work in meditation and consciousness training has culminated in the concept of Mindful Thought Management. Murray experienced a profound shift in perception, awareness and control in how he experiences every aspect of life.

Cohen decided to share his knowledge and experience in the form of his workbook "Wake up to your Higher Self"

His hope is that everyone will use this workbook to learn how to experience happier and more fulfilling lives, which in turn will make the world a better place for everyone.

Cohen wishes to dedicate all of the profits from this workbook to the education and support of children in need.