As an eCommerce startup owner, you require solutions that are fast, adaptable, and cost effective. However, if you’re a startup, you also must create inroads to make yourself a name in the pool of plenty. An all-in-one eCommerce solution can come handy in achieving this goal. Yes, it’s Odoo that has taken the eCommerce retailers by storm. It has excellent functionalities needed to handle your business requirements efficiently.

The Odoo eCommerce released the latest version Odoo 11 in October 2017. It has a plethora of business-friendly features. Also, it has many module-based improvements as compared to its predecessor - Odoo 10. You can make the most of this version by using a customized Odoo 11 theme. Although Odoo 11 has many advantages for your startup, we will confine them to the ones that drive sales for you.

Following are a few major features of Odoo 11 theme that can help you increase the sales:

1. Cost-effective Development

One of the biggest pain points for any startup is a budget allocation. Limited resources can create hurdles in business expansion. But, this is not the case with the latest Odoo 11 theme development. The tailored theme offers many features for your eCommerce startup, and you can make your store advanced in a cost-effective way.

Also, most of these themes are multipurpose. Whether you have a one-page website or the most complex website, the Odoo 11 theme can fit your site seamlessly. In other words, your tailored Odoo 11 theme can be useful even when you want to expand your business over a period of time.

2. Customizable Product Sliders

How do you want to display products on the homepage? Do you want them scrolling one after another or showing a stationary appearance? Whatever your choice is, the Odoo 11 theme is ready with customizable product sliders. You can use sliders for rolling effect and single banner without slider to highlight a specific product. Irrespective of industry verticals, you can have sliders to highlight your products or services.

Apart from Hero banner, you can also get several product slider options for your homepage using Odoo 11 Themes. Product slider snippet enables you to add numerous products and Featured product slider snippet facilitates you to show specific products across different categories. It also contributes to enhance the shopping experience.

3. Snippet Library

Odoo 11 has a rich snippet library. You can use snippets to make your eCommerce store customer-friendly. For example, if you have four product categories, and you want to highlight just one product as ‘Hero Product’. How would you do it? You can simply use a specific snippet for featured product.

Most of the Odoo 11 themes have different snippets, and interestingly, Snippets can help you show services with an image and content. Also, you can grab attention of your customers toward a specific service through a snippet. You can also show pricing table, testimonials, and even the maintenance phase!

4. Various Options for CMS Pages

So, you have prepared an eCommerce store with multiple product images and proper description. But, what about the CMS part? You cannot ignore pages like About Us, Why Choose Us, etc. where you require to put catchy and compelling content. In other words, you also focus on CMS pages that also have a potential to drive your business by building rapport.

A customized Odoo 11 theme also offers plenty of customization options for CMS. You can use these options as per your business model. Also, whether you have a B2B or B2C business, you can have many choices in showing content. For example, you can show ‘About Us’ either with the help of snippet or directly with an image and content.

5. Mobile-first Approach

It all started from 2014 when Google showed its bias for mobile-friendly websites. Forget SEO for a moment. But, how would you address a huge mobile-using audience with a non-responsive website? Thankfully, Odoo 11 themes are completely mobile-responsive. They give the seamless performance on every device irrespective of screen size.

What’s more, most of these themes are compatible with HTML5 and CSS3 coding standards. They have bootstrap design elements in common. These technical aspects make Odoo 11 themes responsive for mobile devices. The result? You can get leads from smartphone owners with ease.

We have covered just a few of the key aspects that enable Odoo eCommerce themes to boost sales. Your startup can avail all the benefits of a robust Odoo solution by using bespoke themes.

Final Words

As a startup, you need to accomplish a lot, and that too, with limited resources. You can always count upon Odoo eCommerce themes to manage your online business efficiently and drive sales.

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Odoo eCommerce themes are rich in features and can assist startups to boost sales in thriving e Commerce segment. The article talks about a few noteworthy features of Odoo 11 themes.