The link between emotional and physical well being has been established for quite some time. However, many people believe that this correlation is merely spiritual or somehow not quantifiable. They might be surprised to learn that confidence affects one's health in several objective ways.

Taking Risks
People who feel good about themselves are more likely to want to get the most out of their lives. They seek out new experiences. These experiences include enjoyable activities like traveling, but they also include trying new foods and experimenting with health trends. While not all trends are proven to be healthy, many of them are, and it is always good to incorporate new foods into one's diet.

Planning Ahead
A confident individual has a good idea of what they want to do with their lives, which lends itself to making plans. Acquiring health insurance and adopting good eating and fitness habits indicate that they are thinking about being active well into old age.

Reducing Stress
When someone is sure of their place in the world, they are less likely to be bothered by small day-to-day annoyances. Stress has an undeniably negative impact on physical health, generating inflammatory cortisol and encouraging the body to store abdominal fat. This type of fat is linked to heart disease, so it is in everyone's best interest to find ways to eliminate it. People who understand that their value is not undone by trivial mistakes at work or school are already avoiding stress.

Recognizing Weakness
It may sound contradictory, but confidence helps people understand their own limitations. Since they do not feel devalued by admitting that they may not know everything about their health, they are quick to see doctors when they suspect that something may be wrong.

Saying No to Drugs
Cultivating confidence at a young age is a crucial step toward remaining drug-free. Teens whose backgrounds make it difficult for them to feel good about themselves benefit massively from having positive adult influences in their lives. There is a good chance that they will not become frequent drug users if they do not feel that they need to escape from their current realities.

Seeking Mentorship
Even adults need mentors sometimes. This can be in the form of self-help books or one-on-one counseling. Group therapy is very helpful for people who need to know that they do not have to endure momentary setbacks alone. Any sort of trauma can disrupt one's worldview, and seeking outside help to restore inner balance is among the most healthy things that a person can do. Check out to learn more about how to build your self confidence.

Confidence encourages people to make good choices and to think about the future. People intuitively make better choices once they eradicate fear and begin the process of nurturing emotional well-being.

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Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about family, health, home and lifestyle. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn't writing.