In recent years, the growth of the restaurant ordering system is doubled and the expected hike towards the coming years. Most of people love to have their favorite food in their comfort zone. They are provided with a variety of cuisine and dishes which provides the mouth-watering user experience.

The restaurant ordering system is helpful for both user and restaurants as it increases the number of orders and provides spicy delivery to the users. As phone orders and unprocessed food delivery are moving out of scope, the restaurant ordering system moving to its peak.

Due to this demand and increase in revenue, entrepreneurs and business people are moving towards the restaurant industry. But before jumping into the food ordering business, knowing the workflow of the restaurant ordering system is very important. Here I have provided workflow of a restaurant ordering system which will you in your business prospects.

Workflow of the restaurant ordering system

The workflow of a restaurant ordering system consists of 3 levels. They are,


A user first enters the site or app and sign up to start ordering food.
Then a user search for his favorite cuisine, dish or restaurant to order.
A user will then decide to order what they want to order and quantity base on his needs.
Then payment is paid through any chosen mode of payment like COD, net banking and debit card.
A user will also have the option to track his order.
Finally, an order is delivered to a user by the driver.

A driver will signup to start delivering food to the users.
Then, the driver will be notified of nearby orders.
The driver has the option to accept or reject orders.
When they accept the order, a driver provided with delivery details of a user and restaurant.
Then, a driver will pick up the food from a restaurant.
Finally, deliver it to the user.

A restaurant is notified by the order from the user.
Then, contact details of a driver are provided to the restaurant.
A restaurant has the option to accept or reject an order.
Next, the restaurant started preparing an order for the user.
A restaurant has the option to manage his preparation time.
Later, the restaurant also has the option to track the driver.
Finally, food is delivered to the driver.

The online food ordering system is provided with lots of benefits to the restaurant and user. To know more about the restaurant ordering system then you can take a glance at our blog.

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