The female reproductive organs contains many accessories, including the pelvic cavity. For women, the incidence rate of pelvic inflammatory disease is relatively high, which can be divided into acute pelvic inflammatory disease and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. Acute pelvic inflammatory disease, if not treated properly and thoroughly during the treatment, will turn into a chronic one, making it more difficult to cure.

How does pelvic inflammatory disease come to existence?

Pelvic inflammatory disease is an inflammation of the pelvic area in females, and the main source of this inflammation is a retrograde bacterial infection in the body. As the infection passes through the uterus and oviducts, it reaches the pelvic cavity, causing inflammation. In daily life, not all women will suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease. If the female reproductive system's defense function becomes abnormal and unable to resist the invasion of bacteria, it will lead to the occurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease.

Pelvic inflammatory disease can be divided into exogenous and endogenous types. The former one is mainly due to sexual transmission, such as gonorrhea or mycoplasma. And the later one refers to the bacteria in the vagina, leading to mixed infection and then causing inflammation.

In short, pelvic inflammatory disease is an infectious disease with a specific cause, and pathogens that damage the body will determine the development of inflammation. When the human body defense ability is destroyed, it will be easy to cause germs to invade, thus causing a variety of diseases, including the pelvic inflammatory disease.

Doctors point out that many different pathogens can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, and these pathogens also have a variety of ways to get into the pelvic tissues, such as blood transmission, lymphatic transmission, direct spread, ascending infection and others. Different ways of transmission require different treatment methods. First of all, the pathogen should be controlled so as to inhibit the continued spread, and avoid affecting the health of other organs and increasing the difficulty of treatment. When the pathogen is suppressed, it will be easier to treat pelvic inflammatory disease.

In daily life, women must pay attention to personal hygiene and reduce the probability of bacterial breeding, to better prevent gynecological diseases. If you suffer from the pelvic inflammatory disease, you should get treated in time in any cases.

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