Question: How does one know that they are making the right decision, doing the right thing?

Divine Mother: You know by how you feel, by how you vibrate. It is about the happiness. It is about the liveliness in your system. It is about the thrill, the excitement. This is your confirmation. It is the attempt to expand life through you that you are feeling. You are feeling the Divine force saying, "Yes, yes, yes. We will expand this way.” It pushes through you, and the feelings that come are the happiness, joy, excitement, exuberance, thrill. It doesn't have to be outwardly expressed. It can be inwardly expressed like most seed thoughts are. You are not running out and telling your friends and advertising it. It is very deep and inner. Then you are allowing that, and it expands.

The sad thing is that many people shut those things down. They shut down the Divine ideas. They shut down the expansion. We are very disturbed about this on this planet and we are doing everything we can to open that up. Trust your feelings. When you feel that inside -- that awakening, that sort of shivering, pay attention to that and let it do whatever it is doing. At all costs, avoid closing it down. Soften into it and let go. Do all the things that you have learned here. Ask for my help.

I said earlier that sometimes as you expand your idea into manifestation, you may have to move through old habits, old ways that you have resisted. That is all part of the expansion of the creation, so be alert to that. “Oh, I have to go and talk to the president of the corporation, little me?” Or “I have to call somebody. I can't do that.” These are your fear thoughts and your unworthy thoughts coming up.

All the objections that you have to the expansion of this energy, you must work through. Please work through them. Talk to me. Maybe you need to get a loan from a bank and fear thoughts come up. Trust me. If I am asking you to do that, I will support you. And don't be attached to the results of your actions. I may be asking you to go and request a loan at a bank because I know that is going to dismantle energy, resistance in your field. It isn't my concern whether you get that loan or not. My concern is to dismantle the energy so that you can be receptive to the energy that I want to give you. So don't say, “Divine Mother told me to do this and it didn't work.” It did work. You just didn't know why you were doing it. So don't be attached to the results. Fall back into the Wholeness and then take the next step.

I am very concerned with your balance as you unfold your evolutionary path. I do things to keep you balanced while you evolve. So I may need for you to get the courage up to go and talk to some banker who is going to say no to you, because it gives you courage, and that is what I am developing in you. Then I will give you the next step. I will give you the money if that is what you need. Trust me, and trust yourself. Take your actions but don't be attached to the results. If you want to be attached to something, be attached to the action. Be attached to the process. If one door closes, your process just moves you over here. It doesn't destroy your self-esteem. It just moves you over here.

Thank you for the question and thank you for the opportunity for me to explain this common pitfall. Just keep coming back into the Infinite and then coming out again.

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