Married women are prone to pelvic inflammatory disease, especially in the sexually active periods. The breakout of pelvic inflammatory disease can bring certain influence to the woman, cause damage to the body, and even cause female sterility, which can seriously affect the harmony between husband and wife.

How does married women stay away from pelvic inflammatory disease correctly?

In reality, a lot of female friends do not make clear the meaning of pelvic inflammatory disease, so it is necessary to talk about it first. Pelvic inflammatory disease refers to the inflammation in the female pelvic genital organs, the connective tissues around the uterus and the pelvic peritoneum. In the acute phase, pelvic inflammatory disease symptoms mainly include lower abdominal pain, fever, purulent leucorrhea and other secretions. In the chronic period, its symptoms usually include dull pain or sagging sensation in the lower abdomen, and lumbosacral soreness.

To avoid the pelvic inflammatory disease, it is needed to do these three precautions.

1. Keep your private parts clean to avoid infection

It is important for every woman to wash her private part regularly. Women should wash their genitals with clean water every night. Remember that the inner vaginal area is off-limits for cleaning, no need to wash. Some women like to use vaginal lotion or soap to clean the private parts every day, which is actually unnecessary, since this behavior may destroy the balance of bacteria. Females should wear cotton breathable underwear and do a good job in cleaning when there is a lot of leucorrhea.

2. Use condoms when having sexual intercourse

Many men don't like to wear condoms when they have sexual intercourse, in order to feel more enchanted. As for women, they should persuade men to use condoms, which can significantly reduce the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease and can avoid unwanted pregnancy. In fact, using condoms is the best suggestion for women with multiple sexual partners. While in the long run, if you usually have sexual intercourse with only one partner, you will better prevent pelvic inflammatory disease.

3. Do good health care during menstruation

Menstruation is the time when woman's resistance is the lowest, so doing a good job in health care can bring women through the hard time easily. They should change the underwear and sanitary napkins to keep private parts dry and clean. During the menstruation, females should avoid cold and spicy foods, avoid sexual life, and pay more attention to rest, which can help them avoid pelvic congestion.

Through the leucorrhea changes, females can understand the condition of pelvic inflammatory disease. If there is a lot of leucorrhea, with yellow, thick and smelly status, it is usually caused by severe pelvic inflammatory disease. In this case, females should always get treated in time. Usually, they can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to solve their problems. It has great effects on eliminating inflammations and improving painful symptoms. It has no side effects, so it can help females better restore the body health.

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