Hair Loss

Women hairs are her glory because the beautiful locks add aesthetic value to her appearance. But most of the women don’t know that these beautiful locks tell a lot more than just appearance. Hairs can speak a lot about the overall health of a woman and tells signs of problems happening within. Body has its own ways of signaling about anything wrong happening inside the body. Women body has the tendency that when it face crisis it lead to underdeveloped (stunted) hair growth to allow body to direct energy to other important body parts. So if you are facing hair problem then you must not take it very lightly as it can be the beginning of something very serious within.

Most of the time it is the hormone imbalance that induces hair loss. So if you think your hair loss is because of topical products then think again. There are many studies and researches that concluded hormone imbalance to be the prime suspect for hair loss in woman and there are various facts associated with the studies. Let’s find out the general causes of hormone imbalance related hair loss:

Low Level of Progesterone in Comparison to Estrogen:

Progesterone and estrogen carry out various vital functions in females and when the level of progesterone is too low, it leads to a condition of estrogen dominance or hyper-estrogen which results in excessive hair shredding. It also leads to thinning of hair and growth of unwanted body or facial hairs.

Male Hormone Overproduction:

Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is a potent form of testosterone that generally triggers hair loss. Woman who produces very high level of male hormones have increased testosterone level that can switch to DHT thus increasing the chances of women hair loss.

Over or Under Active Thyroid:

An over performing thyroid and deficiency of adequate parathyroid hormone can also results in thinning and shredding of hair. Getting a blood test is a good way to identify any issues with thyroid level.


Excessive stress impacts a woman health very badly. A woman with stressful conditions undergoes situation where her adrenal glands all of a sudden become under active due to the results of increase in stress hormone, cortisol.  This situation makes the body to secrete additional adrenaline which then leads to high levels of testosterone and DHT.

Pregnancy and Childbirth:

The most obvious phase of life where a woman experiences a lot of changes that are physical, mental and also hormonal. During pregnancy and childbirth women experience significant hormonal imbalance that results into hair loss. But this situation is temporary and hair can re-grow naturally after 90 days post childbirth and return to normal within a year.

Medicines and pills:

There are certain medicines that have high level of androgen like the birth control pills which triggers hair loss in woman. Birth control pills disrupt hormonal levels and this is why doctors and physicians advice women to consume low-androgen birth control pill to prevent the effect of DHT.


When menopause starts the estrogen level of a woman falls and no longer remains in balance with DHT levels. This situation where high DHT supply and low estrogen level prevails generally leads to a situation of hair loss in woman.

Improper Hair Care:

Excessive coloring, styling, cutting, blow-drying, brushing increases chance of hair loss. The desire to look good with a different hair style sometime does the negative. These hair try outs damage the hair follicles and also irritates the scalp.

These were the common causes that lead to hair loss in woman but there may be some rare conditions also that promote hair loss. So having a hormone balance test is the right decision you can make to find out the exact reason behind your hair loss. Hormone balance can be done anywhere in the world whether it’s UK or USA and find out the reasons for your hair loss.

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