Have you wanted to find out the answer of the question does he want a relationship? Have you often found your relationships end prematurely without you doing anything? Are you seeing a fantastic guy at the moment and want to know how you can take thins to the next level? These are the sorts of questions which have bothered women for a very long time. If you want to find out does he want a relationship then you should carry on reading.

Actions speak louder than words

One of the best ways to find out does he want a relationship is to find out how often they phone you. Does he ring you every single day to find out what's happening? Does he send you lots of text messages to find out what you're doing? Or does he send you lots of emails to keep you interested? If he only phones you every few weeks then he clearly isn't interested in you. If he isn't willing to spend time talking to you then you should stop spending any time with him and find someone who is worth the effort.


Does the guy often phone you up to arrange dates? If you find that you are always the person who has to work hard to get a date then it could mean that he's not interested in you. He should be willing to do everything himself if he is really interested.

Don't rely on sex

One of the easiest ways to keep a man is to use sex to your advantage; however this isn't actually the best solution. If you use sex to get yourself love then this wont work. You want to be able to satisfy someone emotionally not just physically. When asking does he want a relationship you need to make sure you're not just relying on sex.

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Are you really in love with a great guy and you'd like to have him fall in love with you? Do you fear making a mistake and ruining everything before you even have a chance to build it up a bit? Does all of this make you nervous and you can barely think straight anymore? Love is one of the most complicated emotions out there and working your way around it can be daunting. But read this article to find out what you need to avoid in order to have your next relationship work out.

When is Enough Too Much?

Finding a good man is difficult, right? So what do most women do when they find one? They hang on... tight. Their every breath is for this new man. Every free moment is reserved for him. And when they're with him, their eyes sparkle with love and adoration.

It's enough to make a guy freak out. And then he'll walk out.

For those first few dates, try to simply think of him as a friend. Refrain from pushing for a romance, especially if he's not bringing the relationship that way. Some guys are uncomfortable with the thought of a forced romance. But by keeping it platonic for a while, the guy can relax and get to know you.

In this casual atmosphere, he's not having to deal with the pressure of your expectations. He can have fun with you and relax. The more relaxed he is, the easier his emotions will come to be. Think of it this way; he's getting to know a great woman who makes him laugh, admires him and makes him feel wonderful and he wants to spend more time with her.

But she's not pushing to see him more or make anything more of the relationship. That makes her all the more appealing and attractive.

Of course, adding to this sense of attraction is your physical appearance. While you shouldn't worry about looking like a model, you should consider ensuring you look as good as you can whenever you're with him. You might find it shallow, but men are attracted to what pleases their eyes.

With all this coming together every time you see each other, his emotions will grow, but chances are it'll be slower than the pace of your emotions. Don't get discouraged by this. It's common. However, also common is women's desire to push him to fall in love quicker than he's comfortable doing.

Trust that his love will come as his heart opens up to you. You can't force that and it serves no purpose to try. Just keep the fun level high, and the pressure off and he'll fall in love with you.

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Do you find dating to be really easy, but getting any guy to love you seems impossible? Has there been a string of really great guys you would have liked to spend more time with, but they just seemed interested in spending time with your body? Are you tired of being a booty call and you want more? This is becoming the problem for more and more women. This article can help set you on the path to a more long lasting relationship.

When women found their sexual freedom, they didn't let it go to waste. We're out there shaking it, showing it and using it. So long as we're having fun with it and we know what we're doing that's fine. But why isn't our wild and sexy way working when it comes to catching a really great guy?

Eavesdropping on a group of young men, I was fascinated to learn that even as teens, men form a distinct impression of the girls who are too easy. They are clearly viewed as women to be used and disposed of. And for the guy who was looking for a real girlfriend, the girl who'd been around too much just didn't appeal to him.

Not that he wanted a girl who was virginal, but he didn't want the school tramp either. If you want to find true love, you really have to look more closely at the message you're sending out. When women give too much the impression of being sexually active and easy, that can be a great turn off to the guy who wants to meet a woman who has more to offer than seductive winks, pouty smiles and sexy moves.

While you don't have to dress like a nun or act like a saint, try to tone down your sexuality. Aim for sensuality. Just enough to entice a guy and get his heart racing, but reserved enough to intrigue him about the rest of the sexual animal you're keeping under wraps.

Then concentrate on simply getting to know the guy, no strings attached. Have fun and try to spend time with him as you would with a friend. Laughing, talking and discovering what he's all about without all the wink-wink, kiss-kiss, we'll get it on later types of looks.

From this will come a deeper emotional bond on which you can build a truly wonderful and loving relationship. Don't think guys only want sex. Dig deeper into your bag of goodies and show men that you really are a complete package.

And once his emotions are on par with yours and you know he's falling in love with you, you'll see that the sex will be in a whole other dimension.

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Most women's instincts have them relying on their sexuality in order to form a meaningful relationship. Those instincts might be great if you only want to have a few nights of heated fun. Unfortunately for a more long term romance, sex is never the way to go.

This guy that you meet needs to connect with you on an emotional level. He needs to come to care about you. And the best way of achieving this is by spending a lot of quality time with him.

Let him slowly explore who you really are and build up the mystery that will keep him eager to find out more. Don't try to fast forward this relationship by telling him everything about you right from the start. Not only do you risk leaving him dizzy, but that lack of intrigue will leave him flat.

Concentrate on having fun with him and try to keep your future plans under wraps. You don't want to scare him by dumping too much pressure on him. Just allow him to find out how truly wonderful you are and his desire to see you will increase.

All he really wants is to be with a woman he'll enjoy spending time with. So take your time, have fun and let the time you spend with him convince him how you're the woman he needs in his life. He'll fall in love with you and the relationship can last a lifetime.

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