Custom canvas prints have added a new dimension to decorating with the ability to create works of art that are personal to the owner, recreating special events and memories of loved ones. Canvas prints are more than mere wall decorations however; they also have an important psychological role to play in increasing happiness.

Photographs are the most important keepsake we have of past events and important people in our lives. Mementoes and ornaments also bring back memories, but not as vivid as a picture of the event or person we want to remember; seeing photographic details can transport you back to a time when you were very happy and recreate the sensation in your mind and body.

Negative emotions are often wiped out in seconds simply by looking at positive photographs which is why motivational posters are so popular; the power of visual cues to change our moods has been well documented by psychologists. It does not just have to be photographs of people we know or places we visit; a print of a beautiful landscape can be just as effective. Combined with the choice of calming or bright positive colours, the effect on our general mood and happiness can be profound.

Combining the positive effects of a memories, landscapes and colours into a custom canvas print creates a very powerful and effective work of art that can alter our mood. If you go online to somewhere like Vistaprint you can choose the image you want to use for your canvas prints or select one from their gallery. The very fact that you can make it personal to you makes it all the more effective.

Custom canvas prints can be the centrepiece of a room, or simply a small addition to a room, depending on the size that you choose. It is important that you choose an image that makes you feel good – happy, excited, and proud – and that will be different for every person, which is what makes the ability to create a custom print so important. We are all individuals and different things make us happy: pictures of our wedding day, pictures of grandchildren, landscapes, the ocean, even a print of a football team!

Whatever the reason, and whatever you choose to put on your custom canvas print, having a positive image you can see everyday, that is personal to you, will help to lift your spirits in a way that regular prints are unable to.

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This article was written by Marcus Taylor