With the enormous growth every year, Amazon caters thousands of sellers to help them become successful in their business. Amazon follows a set of systematic approach, so that all the transactions of each such seller can be monitored and managed. In this process, all the online data are saved with Amazon and no one can take any advantage of the facilities provided by Amazon to its sellers.

Linking Seller Accounts is one of such process to protect seller’s interest. For the market places such as Amazon’s North American, European, and Japanese, linking the seller accounts is the basis for selling. With the help of it, Amazon is able to show your orders, sales, and buyer messages from all of your global market places, in single place, so that you can control and manage your business accordingly.

Many sellers have more than one account in Amazon in different categories. Linking their accounts will be beneficial for them. When a seller links his accounts, he will be able to use single sign-on. This is a very useful feature for the sellers. With linking process, you will be able to do many activities such as:

Single login: Earlier, sellers had to login to each of their seller central account using different combinations of email and password. But now, you don’t have to do so. You can use any existing combination of email and password to access any of your Seller Central accounts. Linking will help you to login to any seller central account using any set of account credentials.
Navigation: Now it becomes easier to navigate between all of the market places from a single window. Now the switcher of market places will allow you to navigate between any of your market places. You can also navigate the accounts from other regions where you have linked your accounts.
Global look of business: Your entire business will get a global view with the linking process. The Sell Globally dashboard helps the sellers to review the orders, sales and messages of other buyers from all of the market places all over the world, in one place. This makes managing and controlling of the business simple and easy.
How to link Seller Accounts and enable single sign-on

To avail the benefits of seller account linking process, you need to link your accounts as follows:

On your Seller Central page on Amazon, go to ‘Sell Globally’ page.
From the page on ‘Sell Globally’, select the region you want to link to (i.e.: North America, Europe, or Japan).
For North America: SellerCentral.com
For Europe: SellerCentral-Europe.com
For Japan: SellerCentral.co.jp
If you already have an existing account, click on “Link accounts”. And your job is done.
If you do not have an existing account, then click on “Register now”. Then complete the process of registration and link your accounts.
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