Anyone who has experienced Bell's palsy will tell you how disturbing symptoms can be. One of the reasons why it is so disturbing is that it seems to occur to people of all - a day that are living their lives and things are good and the paralysis has beaten the next day. The doctors have a handful of possibilities why it happens and when they are discarded - patients say the cause is unknown.

The symptoms are dramatic! Inability to close my eyes all the way cause extreme dry eye, the vision of the effects and the ability to get enough sleep. Patients who are constantly walking the application of eye drops. The closing of the mouth is affected, so it makes it impossible to drink liquids and to control saliva. I hear from patients, especially, is the shame of being in the world with people and not being able to communicate at full capacity. We take for granted how facial expressions are important when trying to make our way in the world.

All suffering with Bell's palsy should seek help from an acupuncturist with experience. Acupuncture can help tremendously when it comes to the rehabilitation of the muscles of the face. Acupuncturists see Bell's palsy as a condition to this effect by the meridians of the face, in our medicine, especially the stomach meridian. Our principal is to move the energy treatment to the face and stimulate the flow of blood and fluids to the facial muscles. You may be wondering why Bell's palsy affects the stomach meridian. To explain this, I'll delve into some theory of how energy is created and lost within the power of a body.

In Chinese medicine, energy comes from two different sources. The first is the energy potential we are born with - in western medical terms this would be a DNA or genes inherited from the mother and father. The second is the energy the body derives from food. This energy conversion is said to happen in the stomach and spleen in Chinese medicine. When this system is weak, which is often in the United States, a person is more susceptible to many imbalances one is Bell's palsy.

In my practice I am looking at a medical history and lifestyle in recent decades. How many children have, which are breastfeeding, how they care for themselves in terms of diet and nutrition, the way they have taken care of themselves in terms of good welfare practices.

As for the appearance of the condition I'm looking if there was an acute stress or the person was exposed to extreme cold or heat or moisture. The weather can affect the onset of a depletion of the meridians of the face. The face is usually unprotected against the elements.

The best case-scenario for the optimization of the effects of acupuncture should be treated as soon as possible after startup. Patients who have come to me until two months after the onset and recovery is slower, but still provided by acupuncture. The recovery rate is related to age, the amount of reserves of energy your body has, how well it is digested, feeding your diet has been and is and how well you take care of yourself and have done so in the past.

Some people recover from the initial appearance, but I swear I have never fully recovered. Please do not be one of these poor and increase their chances of recovery to see a physician experienced in acupuncture in your local area.

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