The majority of people want to live a healthy life. But it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle every day. Below are 8 tips for every day to lead a healthier life.

Tip 1: Positive thoughts
Your thoughts ensure how you feel and behave. For example, when you are in a gloomy mood, your thoughts are filled with despair and negativity. In a neutral mood you think very differently about certain things.

Negative thoughts lead to a negative mood. Positive thoughts lead to a happy mood. If your life is filled with more positive thoughts and feelings, you will feel happier and healthier. If you find yourself thinking negatively, speak the opposite positive out loud or in yourself. The more alert you are to your own thoughts, the faster you can consciously choose to start thinking differently. The negative thoughts can be seen as an airplane in the sky, don't let the airplane land, but send it back.

Tip 2: Be active
Movement provides energy and an active feeling. If you want to live a healthy life, it's a good start to exercise for about 30 minutes every day. This improves your immune system and digestion. All kinds of waste materials also leave your body more easily. Every bit helps. Use your legs more to get somewhere instead of the car and escalators. Moreover, physical exercise also leads to more positive thoughts. You feel good after exercise.

Tip 3: Do something fun
Make time every day or a few days a week to do something fun. This can be anything, as long as you enjoy it! By rewarding yourself, you will become happier and you will be able to sustain the less fun things more easily.

Tip 4: Eat more vegetables and fruit
You are what you eat. Choose fresh food products every day. This gives you energy and keeps your body healthy. Avoid eating with preservatives, fragrances, colors and flavors. Forget about ready-made meals and prepare your meals yourself fresh. Also try to eat fewer animal products. Keeping a vegetarian day for a few days is certainly not a luxury. Take time to eat a meal and eat consciously. Of course it doesn't hurt to 'sin' once in a while. But then pick up your healthy eating pattern again.

Tip 5: Relax
Schedule a few short moments every day to relax and unwind. Relaxation itself is the best cure for many diseases but senior health insurance is not just enough to feel relaxed. You can do this by just relaxing your muscles, closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. Do you have more time? Then try a meditation exercise or go for a walk along the beach or in the forest. Nature is very relaxing and creates more peace of mind.

Tip 6: Develop a good day and night rhythm
A good day and night rhythm ensures an energetic and good feeling. Try to go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at about the same time every morning. Rhythm ensures that your body and mind know where it stands. On average a person needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep. Having trouble falling asleep? Try not to use your TV, laptop or smartphone for an hour before you go to sleep. A good night's sleep is important to function optimally.

Tip 7: Social contact
Every person needs recognition and social contact. A network with great relationships ensures that you are happy. You need people to share your life who can support and help you. That way you can lead a happier life. If you spend a long time without social contact, you begin to develop feelings of depression. So stay nice and active in social contact. Meet your family or friends and enjoy.

Tip 8: Chase your dreams
Every person has personal dreams and goals. Don't let go of your dreams, but go for something. Having a goal makes your life meaningful. A goal can ensure that you get out of bed every day to reach this goal. Do you have a goal? Where is your passion? What do you want to achieve? What makes you happy? Write down what makes you happy. Set your goals and get started. It is great to put a check mark in front of a goal when it is achieved. Never think less about yourself and get started to astonish yourself and others. You can do it!

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Misty Jhones